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Melnor Brass Repair Mender (994970)

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GARDEN: Melnor Brass Garden Hose Repair Mender

Mar 2, 2010 (Updated Mar 3, 2010)
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Pros:durable brass

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: As arthritis in my hands progresses it becomes more difficult to achieve success whatever the mending device I am using.

Melnor Industries Heavy Duty Brass Repair Mender is an apparatus designed for repairing flexible garden hose somewhere along the length of the hose, rather than at either end of the hose.

This particular Repair Mender device fits 5/8 hoses, however, Melnor offers a series of 9 menders 3 each of 3 different materials including plastic, zinc alloy and brass in a diversity of diameters.  The three menders offered of each material include a female hose end device, a male hose end device and a mid hose mending device for joining two sections of hose in order to create a single unit. 

As a rule; I prefer brass whether the repair I must make is at the male or female end of the hose or if I need to make a repair along the center of the hose.  I find brass wears well, does not tend to crack or show signs of  weathering and tends to be more resistant to being stepped on than do some of the other materials used for creating mending devices.

Sooner or later it seems that most hoses, whatever the quality or the cost, do need some attention.  When a hose has been run over by the mower, or otherwise damaged; decision follows, throw away, cut off the damage and add an in-hose mender, cut off the damage and add menders to create two new smaller/shorter hoses.

My own rule of thumb regarding mending to recreate the single hose, or adding female/male ends to create two smaller hoses depends upon the cost and quality of the original hose.  More expensive hose; I try to recreate the single hose.  Lesser quality hose; I add end fittings and use two shorter lengths of hose as needed to suit my own particular gardening set up.

When I buy flexible garden watering hoses I try to buy those offering the most quality I can find, they last longer and need less attention.  On the other hand, whatever the price paid, or quality of the hose; there are times when the unforeseen does happen and hoses do get run over with a mower, or hit with a weed whack or fall victim to another malady.

There are a great many flexible garden hose mending devices crafted by a number of garden or irrigation type industry members including Melnor Industries Heavy Duty Brass Repair Mender.  On the whole menders are designed having segment to be placed within the hose itself as well as having a section meant to hold the segment in place thus joining to two sections of hose.

Inserting the joining segment into the garden hose pieces varies from awkward to downright difficult.  As my arthritis progresses it becomes more difficult to achieve success whatever the particular mending device I use.  A good tight fit along with sufficient clamping of the outer portion of the mender is essential to maintain the integrity of the repaired hose pieces.

I find the Melnor heavy duty brass hose menders to be among the easiest for me to use at this stage.  Twist installation means no tools are required to secure the outer brass, although I do generally as Husband to do the twisting; my own hands are become less capable of adding the twist power needed. 

Melnor menders are available from Home Depot brick and mortar type stores as well as from various online sites including Amazon.

Happy to recommend Melnor Industries Heavy Duty Brass Repair Mender




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