Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Spray 2oz Reviews

Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Spray 2oz

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A better night's sleep for the both of you

Mar 13, 2011
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Pros:Provides quick and easy snoring relief

Cons:A little expensive, hard to find, not 100% effective

The Bottom Line: Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Spray may be your snoring solution. It's not 100% effective for me, but it's definitely good enough to get a good night's sleep most nights

Apparently I snore. I have never witnessed this phenomenon firsthand (of course not, I'm sleeping), but I've been told by a pretty reliable source that this is in fact the case. You see, my apparent snoring has never been an issue in the past - I usually had my own room for the majority of my life. When I did share a room (college, growing up, whatever), it was generally with a pretty deep sleeper so it was never an issue. But alas, all of this became irrelevant when I met my current girlfriend, who happens to be an extremely light sleeper. There has been many a night where I'm awakened by an elbow to the ribs and a "You're snoring again, roll over" comment. Suffice to say, there have been plenty of sleepless nights for us both.

I've tried a couple of remedies with varying degrees of success. Breathe Right strips alleviated the problem somewhat, but did not make a significant difference since my snoring is apparently from my throat. Fortunately, when buying a pack of Breathe Right I received a coupon for a Breathe Right Snore Relief throat spray. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I gave the product a shot.

Breathe Right Snore Relief gets major points for its incredible ease of use. Three sprays to the back of the throat are all that is needed for the product to be effective. The directions suggest that it should be used 30 minutes before bedtime, as it does take a few minutes for the spray to become effective. Nights that I have fallen asleep immediately after spraying have been met with "Hey, wake up" pretty quickly. However, if given enough time to work, the spray generally works pretty well. It can be used every night, and can also be applied a second time immediately before going to bed as well. The only restriction it really has is that you should not eat or drink anything after spraying. Those who suffer from sleep apnea should also check with their doctor, as the label says the product is not intended for that use.

Snore Relief has a nice, minty taste to it, which makes using it pretty pleasant. Its taste is similar to that of a mouthwash. I won't list every ingredient on here, but some of its main ingredients are purified water, alcohol, glycerine, a blend of oils, polysorbate 80, and others. It is definitely recommended to check what's included if you have any sort of sensitivity to its ingredients.

So here's the most important question - does it actually work? For the most part, it definitely does. I am finding myself being woken up less frequently by my sleepless girlfriend. There are many mornings where she tells me that she did not hear any snoring at all. However, it is not a perfect solution. I've noticed that nights when I am very congested, for example, the product is not as effective. It also seems to wear off near the end of the night (generally after 6-7 hours), so a complete night without snoring is not a total guarantee. It's funny trying to comment on the effectiveness of this product overall, because I can only tell whether or not its working based on how many times I'm woken up throughout the night. However, I will definitely say that the both of us are able to sleep through the night far more often when I use the spray.

For some reason this product has become harder and harder to find recently. I've only been able to find it at certain retailers to begin with, and many of those stores do not stuck it any longer. Breathe Right's website has no mention of this product anymore either, which may indicate that it has been discontinued. However, bottles can still be found online if you're willing to look around. In stores, bottles usually cost around 10 dollars or more, which can be pretty pricey. The bottle advertises that you can get 30 nights of use out of it, but I've noticed it seems to last me a little longer than that. If snoring is a problem for you and your partner and causing many sleepless nights for you both of you, you could do much worse than giving Breathe Right Snore Relief throat spray a try. It may require a little searching, but it's generally a pretty effective product that does a good job of reducing throat snoring. My girlfriend does not elbow me in the middle fo the night as much as before, which is as much proof that I need that this product works.

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