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Jan 25, 2008
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Pros:Quality durable blender, great features, works great


The Bottom Line: If you want to pay a bit more for a quality blender that lasts and works very well, this blender is a great buy!

I used to have a Cuisinart 2 in one blender and food processor. I didn't use it much the first 1-3 years but then decided to go on a raw vegan diet (and I'm never going back to cooked food ever, I feel so much better on raw). This obviously meant I had to start making most of my meals myself. The Cuisinart 2 in 1 was great to allow me to do the recipes without spending $600 on a quality blender and food processor.

After about a year raw I realized I really needed to at least get a proper food processor and blender, and eventually the motor of the Cuisinart blew. I did replace the 2 in 1 with a Cuisinart MP-14 food processor (I also have a review of it) and the Breville BBL600XL blender.

The blender is very well made and looks great. The base is heavy, a sign of a good high quality motor, and it has a few extra features not commonly found on blenders such as an LCD display for a 60 second timer, and 2 pre programmed cycles, an ice crush mode which pulses repeatedly, waiting for the blades to come to a full stop between pulses, and a smoothie mode which alternates between pulsing and running for 1 minute, I find the smoothie mode really helps get rid of the larger chunks without having to sit there pulsing manually like with most blenders. The blender also has a built in sensor to sense the speed of the blades, if it senses the blades are slowing down due to a thick mixture or hard lumps, it automatically increases the power to the motor to maintain it's speed, this prevents the blades from going slower in thicker blends, you can sometimes hear the computer adjusting the motor's speed. When using one of the 5 speeds, the counter counts up to 60 and then stops the motor, when using a pre programmed cycle, the counter counts down from 60 and then stops the motor.

The blender jar is also very well made, the blades are much wider than about any other blender's blades, almost similar to food processor blades, but there are 6 blades sticking out at different angles, 2 of which extend to the full diameter of the jar, so nothing can escape the blades like with other blenders. The blade assembly and gasket can be removed in a simple quarter turn for very easy cleaning, most blenders require unscrewing the blades several turns before they come out.

I have used the blender several times a day on average for maybe 6 months now. For smoothies, I found the best way is to run the smoothie preset cycle for at least 30 seconds to get the large lumps, and then on high speed (5) for 15 seconds or so to smooth out the smaller lumps (the smoothie cycle uses only speed 1, pulsing at different times). This combination of speeds makes a perfectly smooth smoothie every time. One thing I liked is that on speed 1 it's very quiet, I've even used it with people sleeping in a room not far from the kitchen and it doesn't wake them up.

It was also very important to me that replacement blades be available for any blender I choose to buy. The blades often need replacing once a year or so as they get dull, and indeed replacement blades are available, they are more expensive than other blender brand's replacement blades but they are built much better and will probably last longer also.

Although this blender is quite expensive, I think it can easily end up costing much less than a model that costs half the price but which wouldn't last very long. I highly recommend this blender to anyone looking for a quality durable blender.

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