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Breville BOV650XL 1800 Watts Toaster Oven

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Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven: Smart, Very Smart

Sep 29, 2010
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Pros:Durable; Attractive; Prepares food very well; Saves energy

Cons:Can overheat food if you're not careful

The Bottom Line: Breville got it right with this small appliance

Warming up food usually takes place in the microwave and other types of cooking generally take place in a full- size range. These options work, but when a small amount of food is prepared using a full size range, a good deal of energy is completely wasted while a microwave can often result in food that isn't cooked evenly. One small appliance that prepares food better and helps consumers save energy in the kitchen is the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven with Element IQ, a deluxe toaster oven.

Oven Facts and Figures:

Breville BOV650 Smart Oven is a compact oven that is much smaller than the standard convection range, but larger than the typical toaster oven. This small appliance measures approx. 16.5 inches in width, 10 inches in height, and 14 inches in depth. It features a tempered- glass door with a wide handle the opens with ease and protects the hands from the heat of the oven.

Looking at the exterior controls, the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven offers eight preset heat options (bagel, pizza, toast, bake, broil, roast, cookies, and reheat), a temperature/time knob that lets you set the controls to your exact specifications, a metric button that changes the settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius, a defrost button, and a start/cancel button. Above these different controls is a backlit LCD display and at the base of the oven is a removable crumb tray, for quick cleanup.

Moving to the interior of the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven, consumers will discover a 10 by 10 inch enamel baking pan and a 10 by 10 inch enamel broil rack. The broil rack is a steel rack that can be positioned in one of three slots. On the outside of the oven, next to each of the three positions, there is a guide with recommendations on what position to use with one of the preset options. For example, if you want to use the broil setting, the recommendation is to place the steel wire rack in the top position. If you want to make pizza, the recommendation is to place the rack in the bottom position, and so on.

The Breville BOV650 Smart Oven is powerful for its size, offering 1,800 watts of cooking power. The oven comes with a limited one- year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

The Breville BOV650 Smart Oven is a handy small appliance for the kitchen and one I have been growing to appreciate more and more each day. This oven is very handy when you have small meals to prepare or simply want to toast some bagels, muffins, pastries, etc. It heats up quickly and with its concentrated  cooking, it prepares food more quickly than a large, full size range.

This oven is referred to as a toaster oven because it performs the same function and is similar in design. But a few uses proves that the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven is much better than the average toaster oven. The first noticeable improvements are the exterior controls and the LCD display. The controls come with eight presets and they cause the heating elements inside the oven to automatically adjust to just the right level for the type of food being prepared. The oven remembers the last setting for each cycle, so if you discover that your last pizza turned out great, you can be confident that the heating will be exactly like it was the last time. The backlit LCD display is also much better than the average toaster oven. It lights up when the oven is in use, with the critical stats on display, and then dims when not in use.

Looking inside the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven, there is another noticeable improvement over other toaster ovens, and that is the included wire rack and baking pan. This wouldn't seem like a big deal and certainly not something to notice, but what I like about the included racks with the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven is that they are much more durable and high quality than those found in other toaster ovens. With some of the cheaper toaster ovens, the included racks and pans are flimsy in design and not built to last. This oven is different- Breville decided that quality was more important and they included accessories that are much better than those of other toaster ovens.

So, the accessories and settings are nice, but what about the cooking ability? Well, the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven is very good for cooking any number of smaller food items. I like using it for bagels more than anything, but it is also very handy for heating up garlic bread, regular toast, muffins, and other items. The toasting is much better than what you get when you use a standard toaster. It takes a little longer, but it is more even and the bread comes out just right. I also found the oven very good for reheating meats and other dishes. Microwaves are a little faster, but with an oven like this, your food is cooked more evenly than with a microwave and it seems more satisfying.

There is one potential problem when using the Breville BOV650 Smart Oven, and that is the possibility of overcooking certain foods. If you heat something frozen and you follow the instructions, you need to make sure that you subtract approx 20% of the time from what it says on the package. This oven concentrates its heat much better than a convection range and thus it cooks a little faster. If you cook for the same number of minutes indicated on the package, your food will end up overcooked or burnt. Like I said, a 20% reduction (for example, if it says on the package to cook for 30 minutes, reduce to 24 minutes) in cooking time is a good estimate, but it will vary from one food to the next.

The Breville BOV650 Smart Oven has many good uses and it does a great job heating up food or preparing a meal. Another of its many advantages is the amount of energy it helps to save. Why heat up a large range when all you have to prepare are a few slices of garlic bread? This oven saves energy not only due to its smaller size, but also due to (as mentioned above) its ability to heat up food in about 20% fewer minutes. This energy savings alone would make this an oven worth considering and it can add up to considerable savings over time.

Overall, I really like my Breville BOV650 Smart Oven. It is much better than the average toaster oven and it has many things to offer that place it among the elite in its class. Yes, it does cost quite a bit more than most toaster ovens but for quality like this, the extra cost is worth it in the long run.

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Amount Paid (US$): 170

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