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Breville 800CPXL 500 Watts Juicer

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Orange Juice Lover's Helping Hand

Aug 13, 2009 (Updated Aug 13, 2009)
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Pros:Robust design with built-in ease of use for virtually effortless and fast operation.

Cons:Too-thin material on the juice spout, but even that mild complaint is purely aesthetic.

The Bottom Line: If you buy prepared citrus juice, you'll find the results with this machine tasty, cost-effective, and easy and fast enough to include in your morning (or bedtime) routine.

I looked up one day and discovered I somehow owned four different juicing machines: A Braun Citromatic, a Braun extractor as part of the 4209 food processor, and a third and a fourth received as gifts that I never used and donated away.  So why, you may ask, would I buy another?  Here's why:

First, citrus juicing is for me.  The Braun Citromatic was the right answer for years with the only issues being its too-low height and a plastic dust cover that warped after a careless dishwashing episode.  But it still could soldier on and hopefully will via a garage sale or other.  I will compare the Breville to the Braun for reference.

So general juice extractors really don't fill the bill in my house - and they tend to be a colossal pain to clean up.  The Breville Citrus Juicer called out seductively to me as soon as I saw it: Here was the "real" version of the diminutive Braun Citromatic.  Plus, it's shiny.  I know, I know...I'm like a magpie when it comes to shiny things.  But there it is.


This juicer fills the better part of a nine-inch diameter footprint, and the operating arm brings it to a 17" height plus - which is too high to fit under standard above-counter cabinets.  For me, not a problem, but it is an odd oversight by Breville that a lowered, arm-locking position easily could have overcome.

The machine is heavy, about twelve pounds of stainless steel and motor.  The finish is brushed stainless, except for the reaming part, which is polished.  The articulated handle has a dove-gray rubber grip integrated; and the removable cup for pressing down has gray, durable plastic on the inside (brushed stainless out).  A clear plastic dust cover is included, as well as two stainless sieves: pulp and minimal pulp.

The juice tray, sieve and reamer sit easily on the device.  Molded forms keep the parts facing one direction; and the octagonal motor spindle seats the reamer firmly.

The business part is angled at about 22 degrees toward the operator.  The articulated arm comes down in concert with that angle in a way that makes physical effort very minimal.  Compared to the much-used Braun Citromatic that this machine replaces, very little effort is needed.

A nicely-shaped toggle power switch is at the right rear. As detailed below, turning the power switch on does not start anything whirring. The juicer only starts when the arm is lowered.

Overall, it looks smashing on the countertop, which is fortunate, because it will not store easily in below-cabinet appliance garages.

And did I mention it's shiny?


The flip-down pour spout height is at six inches, enough to accommodate containers or juice glasses.  If you prefer taller, more generous servings, simply place the juicer on a cutting board to raise it up, as I do.

After you’ve sliced 5-7 good juicing oranges in half (for two large servings), simply place one on the reamer’s pointed tip and balance it as you bring down the arm press.  The arm’s holding cup (which on the Braun Citromatic was your hand) grips the rind firmly.  I’ve found (and Breville recommends) that light, continuous pressure gets the best results, fully extracting in about 4 seconds.  This is much faster than the Braun ever was.

Too much pressure and the meat detaches from the rind.  Not a disaster, but unnecessary and inefficient.

The angled design ideally flows the juice immediately to your container; you will not have to coax any juice out of this baby.  For pulp remaining in the juicer, two fins on the rotating reamer move and nudge it around so that juice does not get dammed up.  I have not used the low-pulp strainer, but suspect that more pulp build-up would be a natural result, meaning fewer juicings before having to empty the tray.

The flip-down spout is thinner material than I would have expected, but it does the job.  A rubberized dot plugs the tray hole when up, exactly like the Braun.  If I could tell Breville one thing to change, it would be this spout: make it more robust.  Not that it is a bad design.  It just seems fragile.

Noise levels are low, less than the Braun, I think.  And cleanup is very easy, with the tray, sieve and reamer lifting out as one for transport to the sink.  The arm’s holding cup pops out easily for a quick scrub.  As with the spout, the tray and sieves are fairly lightweight-gauge stainless; but the reamer is a solid piece of heavy, polished metal.

The upshot is that you can produce 24 ounces or more of fresh orange juice in less than one minute of pressing.  The reamer does an extremely thorough job, and the articulated arm makes the physical effort extremely low.


Very easy.  The parts are dishwasher safe, but it is so easy I just rinse it off and give it a light soapy scrub and set it aside.

The best part is that the tray, sieve and reamer just lift easily off as one unit for transport to the sink.

My beef with multi-purpose juice extractors is that cleanup was often a nightmare, leaving you to pick off bits and pieces forever and a day.  Not so, here.  Easy as can possibly be.

The stainless housing of the machine, itself, is equally easy to wipe down if necessary.  Juice does not escape the tray, but there are inevitable squirts from citrus fruit that will be produced.


This is an excellent machine with a robust, low-noise motor that efficiently produces great citrus juice with extraordinarily low effort required.  The angled arm was clearly thought through quite a bit, and the overall efficacy is a mark of handsome and very friendly design.

Other than a quibble about the gauge of stainless used on the pour spout—which has not caused any problems at all—this machine is really pretty much perfect.

And did I mention it’s shiny?

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Amount Paid (US$): 179.00

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