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Bridgestone Tour B-330S Golf Ball

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Bridgestone B330S Review: SSSSSweeet

Aug 24, 2010 (Updated Aug 25, 2010)
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Pros:Excellent distance, durability, very straight ball.

Cons:Expensive, little noisy, firmer than some people might want it.

The Bottom Line: This is a great ball for mid to low handicappers. I definitely noticed and appreciated the added distance.

Bridgestone isn’t just making tires these days. The new Tour series of golf balls are awesome and the 330S is no exception. I like to try several different golf balls and stick to one when I find what I like, maybe my game is just getting better and yeah, I sometimes drop a ball when my game goes all to heck, but the 330S has some noticeable attributes. I have gotten good enough to notice these sometimes slight differences between golf balls and have weeded out quite a few that don’t tailor to my game. The 330S is an excellent ball for many different reasons.......


This ball really is amazing off of the driver. The people at Bridgestone stated that this ball is optimized for golfers swinging 103 to 115 miles per hour, however, you don’t have to be a gorilla to utilize the benefits of this ball off the tee. I swing around the 120 mph range and love this ball, a couple friends of mine swing sub 100, around 90-95, and have also found that it jumps off of the face and provides great distance and is actually even workable from the tee box.

The first thing I noticed about it is that it is not a rock, it does have a fairly soft outer cover and doesn’t sting the hands like some other distance balls do. I compare it to the Pro V1 or HX Tour ball from Callaway for feel with the big stick but with a little added distance.

This ball isn’t an artists brush, I mean you can’t work it around sharp corners or anything, but it does have some play. Another thing the Bridgestone people said about this ball is that it has a soft gradational core which helps to reduce driver spin. I have several drivers ranging from my flat 6 degree up to a 13 degree balloon popper and was able to test the 330S with several different degree drivers. I would say the spin was a little less just by guessing and seeing results. It definitely got great initial velocity, felt firm, and didn’t just float or balloon up. I have played various balls in the past that as soon as you get that back spin going they climb rather than propel and distance is lost. I would rather see the ball travel farther down the fairway than up in the air and lose steam.


The B-330S is a fine ball from the fairway. It is a little bit harder than Titleist Pro-V1's so you can actually feel the ball and hear the click, it will jump off of irons and takes a little getting used to for the extra 5 or 10 yards with the longer irons. I have had no problem putting spin on it. I wouldn’t call it a yo-yo by ay means but it will stop and back up when struck properly. It isn’t the type of ball you feel on the club face for awhile like the TreoSoft or some other soft balls on the market, so if you need that for the mid-range play then maybe this ball isn’t for you. But if you want a little added distance, a fairly firm ball with some feel, and just an over all good golf ball then give the 330S a shot.


The 330S is a nice firm golf ball on the green, it tracks very well. Once again, it isn’t the type of ball that sticks to the face of any club especially the putter. It gives a semi-click, nothing like a Top-Flite but less than a Pro-V1. As far as controlling distance on the greens, I have had no complaints with this ball. You don’t have to crush it or be overly firm and when you are a little too firm it doesn’t roll off the back of the green like some other rocks I have putted with. As far as keeping or holding a line, I would rate this ball as excellent, no veer offs, sliders, or slippery slinks. It tracks very well and can hold a line.


I talked about feel with the driver, irons and putter but I like to come back to it and rate a ball according to the overall feel. If a ball is too hard it usually has terrible overall feel, too soft can yield the same results. This really depends on personal preference. I like a ball that you can feel and hear when you contact it but I don’t want to get stingers coming up the irons shafts and dents in my driver face. This isn’s the best overall “feel” ball I have played. I think in order to get the added distance, good velocity and straight tracking it gives up a little bit of overall feel. Most golfers are going to love this ball.


Durability is important to me in a golf ball. All things considered, I like to finish a round with the same ball I started with and maybe even put it in play for second and third rounds. Now of course there are varying other factors such as water hazzards, woods, and freeways that come into play and can affect the longevity of a ball, but as far as durability goes, I find it important to have a durable ball. The Pro-V’s are not a very durable ball, after a round they look like they have been through a war. Callaway ix and Hex balls can be the same. They forgo a little bit of durability for extreme feel or softness.

I also think the manufacturers realize they sell more balls when the ball gets tired looking. As far as the B-330S, it is a very durable ball. Several rounds, all hazzards permitting, can be attained with this ball. The cover is soft to the touch with the thumbnail test, but will not come apart during normal play. It will of course scuff on cart paths and rocks, but out of the sand, hard fairways, and various other obstructions I have found it to be tough and durable. After several rounds it still keeps its pop and doesn’t go flat.


This is a great ball overall. I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner because I think a lot of the technology would be lost and a cheaper ball will do the same thing for you. I would recommend it for golfers swinging around and upwards of 100 mph off the box. Good looking golf ball with nice feel, awesome distance, great tracking and low spin in the air while providing decent spin on the green. Yeah, they are in my bag and I will continue to play them.

Distance: 10
Durability: 9.5
Feel: 8.5
Putting: 10
Spin: 8
Overall: 9.5

-------------------Price and Availability:-------------------

They don’t give these balls away. I paid $42 for a dozen of these beauties. I know, isn’t it crazy these days when you can calculate the price of one ball. As far as availability goes, I have had no problems finding them on the pro shop shelves and even some of the major golf retail shops. Bridgestone has been coming to the front in the golf ball market and consumer demand has driven these balls to the shelves and onto the courses.

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