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This little machine ensures we keep fit. The Brookstone Talking Pedometer.

Jan 7, 2005
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Pros:Gives you an incentive to walk.

Cons:Taking the time to read the instructions for programing it.

The Bottom Line: If you need to exercise, walking may be good for you. A pedometer gives you the satisfaction of knowing how far you have walked.

A couple of months ago I purchased the 'GoWalking pedometer' by Sportline from Wal-Mart, for less than 4 bucks. I just wanted a cheap pedometer to give me an idea of how far I walked each day. My husband Len, mentioned to his daughter that we were walking more. She kindly sent a 'stocking filler' to put under our Christmas tree. It turned out to be the Brookstone Talking Pedometer.

Well, my husband grabbed it first. He put it on his belt and off we went. With my little stepper, I check as we are walking in our little development. It has a wooden bridge at the entrance, so only one way in and out. It has 8 roads, with loads of trees and shrubs. The speed limit is 15 miles an hour, so we all walk in this beautiful setting.

The first time, I checked my pedometer and it showed 2.85 miles. Well the new Brookstone one told us that Len had walked over 5 miles. When we got home, I suggested he read the instructions. Sure enough, it has to be set up. He had the stride length of 60 inches. No wonder it told him he had walked more than me.

The Brookstone Talking Pedometer, is twice the size of mine. It is silver gray, with a darker gray around the L.C.D. Top front it has the 'Brookstone' name. Below the L.C.D. it has 'Talking Pedometer'. On the left side it has the Up/Auto, and the Down/Clear buttons. On the right side it has the Talk and Mode buttons. At the back it has a sturdy clip to attach to your clothing. This is a much stronger, classier product than mine. The bottom is where the 2 batteries go in.

The modes are, and this is in the little 8 page booklet, that comes with the machine:


The step mode is self explanatory. It tells you how many steps you have walked.
The distance mode, tells you how many miles you have walked or run. It ignores other movements that might add to the steps.
The calorie mode will tell you roughly how many calories you have burned.
The time mode gives you the elapsed time of your walk or run.

The setting step/stride length and weight is from the booklet, as follows;-

1. Take five steps or strides (walking or running) and measure the distance covered. Divide that number by five. This is your average step/stride length. We walk together and hold hands, so we had to come up with a number for both of us. We worked it out to be 30 inches.

2. Press and hold down MODE until you hear "Enter your step/stride length."

3. Press UP and DOWN to set your step length between 10 inches and 80 inches.

4. Press and hold MODE until you hear "Enter your weight." Press UP and DOWN buttons to set your weight between 40 lbs. and 300 lbs. We use Len's weight on this one. I can't be bothered to change it. I really just want to know that I have walked a minimum of 3 miles a day.

5. Press MODE again and the pedometer returns to regular mode.

Then the booklet goes into other details, but basically when it is in the talk mode, you can set it to tell you when you have done so many steps, miles, kilometers, calories, and by time. If you have it on auto-announce it will give them to you while you are walking, as in our case. We are past the jogging and running years.

We keep the pedometers on from when we get dressed in the morning until bed time. I put mine on the waistband of my shorts/trousers/skirt, and put it where the crease line would be on a pair of trousers. It is amazing that in this position is calculates both legs walking.

At the end of the day you just press and hold the DOWN/CLEAR button, and it will talk, saying "All clear". All four of the functions will zero.

So do you want to hear about a funny experience? Len went to the bathroom with the pedometer clipped on. Well it fell into the toilet. He immediately opened it up, and let it dry out. We left it for a whole day, and can you believe it, it works fine. The only thing was, all his calculations were out, and it told him he had walked twice as far as me, so he had to program it in again. That was a piece of cake, and we were so delighted that it still worked.

The price is a lot more expensive than my basic one. It runs $25 plus sales tax. Actually Len's daughter lives in New Hampshire, so she didn't have to pay any, but here in our county of Florida it would be 7%.

With my osteoporosis, and Len's heart problems, insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, just to name a few, walking is great for both of us. Since we got the pedometers, we are both walking more. The nights I work a 12 or 15 hour shift, Len goes out and does an extra couple of miles. It has really given him a great incentive to walk.

I really recommend this product to anyone who needs to be motivated. I know it worked for us.

Thank you for joining in our daily stroll around our little 'Gingerbread Village'.


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