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Brunton SVEA Optimus Classic Gas Stove

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This is THE standard for small portable stoves

Nov 20, 2003
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Pros:It's a workhorse, small, reliable, awesome sound, my favorite piece if camping equipment

Cons:Without the fuel pump, it takes a bit of practice to get it going.

The Bottom Line: If you don't need ULTRA small or ULTRA light, there is no better backpacking stove. It's not big or heavy, if those are your needs, there may be better choices.

This may be a little long winded, but out of all my camping purchases, this is my favorite, bear with me.

The SVEA has been around for over two decades. The stove has gone through a few small improvements over the years. Basically the cleaning needle built into the jet, and I the fold out feet for the pots is now serrated to help keep the pot from slipping.

The SVEA wasn't being produced for a period of time and I just noticed they started production again, with the "Classic" added to the product title.

When I started motorcycle camping in 1999, I needed a stove that was small and effective. A friend of mine has an original model SVEA and swore by it. He has done extensive bicycle camping. I started digging around on the internet and reviews of the SVEA are very impressive. People saying their SVEA from the 1960's has never failed them to this day. The only negative thing I found was that it's a bit tricky to get the stove fired up without the pump to pressurize the fuel. That's easy enough to deal with, pour a little fuel on top of the burner and light it with the fuel adjustment open a bit. The heat from the flame will pressurize the fuel and after a minute or so, you can turn the flame up. The pump makes things so much easier and quicker, it's a very worthwhile addition, but not neccessary.

The stove is awesome, it produces a lot of heat. The sound when adjusted to max heat is incredible, it sounds kind of like a jet engine, not loud like a jet. Another peach of the SVEA is it's an entirely self contained unit, you don't need to carry an external fuel tank. This isn't a benefit for me too much but I've read in high altitudes (mountain climbing) it works like a champ as opposed to some stoves that have a difficult time. Another very big positive to the SVEA is that it can burn most any fuel. The instructions say white gas, but the fuel bowl says it burns "Benzoline/Petrol/Essence/Bensin". What that means to me is if I am every in dire need, I can use unleaded fuel. I can cook and boil water for 2 people for 1 week with the fuel bowl filled and an extra 11 ounces in a fuel bottle. I use Coleman fuel.

There are other stoves out there that may be smaller, might boil water a bit more quickly, and look prettier, but I'll take the one that performs flawlessly every time.... The SVEA.

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