Buccaneer Bay Pirate Battle at Treasure Island

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It's The Sirens of TI Now - Treasure Island's Free Strip Show

Sep 9, 2004 (Updated Apr 11, 2008)
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Pros:Free, Fun, Exciting, Entertaining, Hot and nearly naked actors

Cons:Crowds, May be too adult for some

The Bottom Line: If you’re in Vegas and you have some free time, the new Sirens of TI show is a worthy free diversion of your time

Treasure Island’s famous pirate ship battle in the front of the hotel/casino has been updated in the last year in a more adult vein, along with a lot of Las Vegas. Now the show features the “Sirens of TI” and includes a lot more music, dancing and skin to please a more mature crowd.

I guess it really was inevitable after all these years of the same pirate battle, that Treasure Island would eventually update its famous free show, it’s just that I didn’t expect it to go in the direction it did. While I don't consider it a bad thing - it was sure a change the last time I was in Vegas and took my parents to see the show, especially after I had told my Dad all about the original show.

Treasure Island itself has updated its image, no longer just Treasure Island, it’s now called TI and its new showcase show in the place of the pirate battle is the “Sirens of TI,” a free show that lasts for about 10 minutes in front of the hotel/casino.

Where is it?

Like the older pirate show, the new show takes place in the moat that runs along the front of the resort. A footbridge connecting the sidewalk on the street to the resort runs down the middle and gives visitors a chance to be right in between the action. There are also stands along the sidewalk for more people to watch the show.

The best views come from along the bridge, but this is also the most crowded area and you can expect to be jostled, pushed and sometimes even pinned in the crowd. For those of you who don’t like crowds – you won’t like standing on the bridge, or probably anywhere near the show.

When is it?

The show is put on nightly at hour and a half intervals until 11pm, depending upon the weather. High winds or rain will cancel the show.

What is it?

Sirens of TI is definitely for the more mature crowd. Where the old pirate battle was about shooting cannonballs at each other and sinking a ship, this new show is about music, dancing and skin. The Sirens are scantily clad in various outfits and by the end of the show the pirates have few clothes on.

Basically the premise of the show is a Pirate Ship comes across a ship load of Sirens, the mythical creatures who call sailors to their doom with their songs. As you can probably figure out the Sirens sing, the pirates become enchanted except for the captain, he tries to fight back, a battle ensues, but eventually the pirates succumb to the Sirens’ calls and come aboard the Sirens’ ship.

There’s plenty of loud music, choreographed dance routines and plenty of adult innuendo in the show. There’s also plenty of action, which while not quite as intense as the original pirate show, can still be a bit much for people standing on the bridge with explosions occurring on either side of them. When I was there, several of the palm trees on the set actually caught of fire (and you could see staff running out with hoses, trying to put them out in the background).


While I’m sure kids will enjoy this kind of show, parents should be aware that it is definitely more adult-themed then it was before. The sirens are wearing bikinis, the dances are suggestive, and by the end of the show, the half-naked pirates are getting pretty close to those sirens. I’m not saying be a prude, but I know if I had a little kid and I didn’t know what to expect, I would have been a bit put-off by the show.

On the other hand – as a twenty something gay guy – the half-naked pirates were pretty hot. Both my boyfriend and I were like “did you see that one” afterwards.

The dance numbers were pretty cool and the final portion of the show is nifty – with an excellent coordinated choreographic dance routine. Plus the pyrotechnics were cool and overall, we both liked the show, as did my parents who were also there.

Should I bother seeing it?

The pirate battle was one of the “The” free shows to see while you are on the Strip. It was often featured on shows that focus on the strip and in general, it was one of the best free shows that was offered on the Strip.

That being said, the new show is different and appeals to a different kind of clientle. The music is more hip-hop/dance, the dance routines look like their straight out of a music video, and the costumes are much more mature – it all adds up to a new kind of show at Treasure Island, one that fits much better with the young, hip and adult theme it’s going for with the new name and image.

The show is still definitely worth seeing – it’s just a good idea to learn a bit about it before you go, especially if you have small children. It might be a bit awkward trying to explain to someone why the Siren had tied up the pirate and was all over him.

Best Views

If you can’t get close to the bridge, or up against the fencing overlooking the pools on either side, you aren’t likely to have a great view of the performance.

The best view really is still for people standing on the bridge, so the action is on both sides of you. For smaller children a position a little further is probably better, as the explosions and flames while you are on the bridge get quite intense, hot and loud and may frighten small children.

The crowds get very large very fast. If you are uncomfortable in group settings or do not like to get pushed up against others near you, you will not like this show. There is very little personal space and expect to get pushed and shoved as people jostle to get better views.

I’ve always heard that pickpockets are a problem here, but I’ve never experienced any problems. Still I keep my wallet in my front pocket each time I’m here and make sure I keep a hand on it. I also kept an eye on my Mom’s pocketbook and made sure I was checking out people around us. The crowds are so packed in that should something happen, you’d never be able to figure out who did it and by the time you were able to get help, the guy would be long gone.


Bring some water or something to drink while you’re waiting for the show. Vegas is hot and you can be standing outside in the heat for a long time waiting for the show to start. My Mom started to get light-headed and dizzy and it was impossible to get out of the crowd to get her to a more quiet area and to get her some water (beyond what we had), so we just had to have her sit down between all of us until the show was over and even then, it took a good 10 minutes to go the few hundred feet into TI. It was kind of scary and I realized just how packed in everyone was – so if there is some sort of an emergency, it can be tough to get out.


If you’re in Vegas and you have some free time, the new Sirens of TI show is a worthy free diversion of your time. The show is geared more towards the mature crowd nowadays, but I’m sure both adults and kids will enjoy it.

You should expect to be in a big crowd that will push and shove and you should expect to feel the heat coming from the explosions and fires, depending upon where you are standing. Get there early for a good view and remember there is nowhere to sit – this is all standing room only in front of TI.

Be prepared and you should have a good time!

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