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Get Rid of Those Rolls and Tighten up Those Buns

Apr 28, 2005
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Pros:Easy to use, works, portable, adjustable

Cons:You may need another pair of bands; be careful of your knees, slides around.

The Bottom Line: I like this gizmo. It works is inexpensive and though can somewhat be replicated it works 5 muscle groups easily.

There are many products that are really great but not necessary. The Bun & Thigh Roller made by Fitness Quest is one of them. However the design is not flawless.

About the Bun & Thigh Roller: How it works and what you get:

This 19 pound gizmo (I resist, no pun intended, calling it a machine.) mimics a very common exercise. Many of you have done what is called a bridge. You have done it in Yoga or you have done it at home and not even known that it has a name. Lying on your back you pick up your butt. Squeeze your glute muscles (buttocks), squeeze your thighs, bring your thighs together, raise up a bit higher, lift one leg at a time, hold in your abdominal muscles the entire time -the bridge is an exercise that works your quadriceps (front of upper thigh), glutes, hamstrings (back of upper thighs), inner thighs (adductor muscles) and outer thighs (abductor muscles).

These are the same muscles that the Bun & Thigh Roller claims to work and in fact successfully does so. The Roller has a couple of advantages which is why I call it great. It has an easy to adjust neck support. All I did (My cousin in Florida is queen of the As Seen on TV buyers.) was turn a knob on the back of the Roller and I could adjust the head rest so I was comfortable. We are the same height so I really didn’t have to adjust it but wanted to just to see if it was easy for me to adjust. It is simple and the knob turns easily. Even if you have arthritis like I do, you won’t have a problem with this knob.

Another advantage is the back support. I rested my body on this comfortably padded back. When I do the bridge, there is no support under me. I can feel that exercise in my back. If you have a bad back you do not want to do the bridge. However you can use the Bun & Thigh Roller safely. (Please talk with your doctor if you have any medical concerns, are just starting out on an exercise program, are a man over 40 or a woman over 50.)

I found it very gentle on my body. One can always hurt themselves while exercising but if used properly the Bun & Thigh Roller is as safe as just about any gizmo I have seen. There is a lot of knee movement. Knees are one area I would be careful of when using the Roller. If you have knee problems the Roller may not be for you. I must emphasize using this (as any piece of equipment) correctly. My cousin found that the Roller was sliding around. That is the first thing she said to me and told me she didn't like it. She told me she knew others who had the Roller and felt the same way. I hadn't even tried it yet. I watched her use it and realized that she was using her body to move the Roller rather than her legs. When I showed her how to use it (I was able to figure it out fairly quickly.) she found it much more stable. Having said that, in spite of my using it with proper form, there still was some sliding. I would recommend getting a non-skid Yoga mat, which she did, and she has found that to be helpful along with using the Roller correctly. I was in Florida for 3 1/2 weeks so was able to see her progress and mine!

After resting on the Roller I held onto the handles. The handles are in a comfortable position and are padded. My legs were at a 45 degree angle. As I pushed back with my legs the Roller rolled back on wheels. This caused my body to form an arc, not unlike the bridge, but it had me going back more than the bridge does.

If you use a stability ball for the bridge it is quite similar to that rounded form. The Roller rocks back and forth as I push it with my legs. I could feel it working all the muscle groups mentioned above.

You may read that it comes with 2 resistance bands. It does, however realize that the 2 make up one pair. A resistance band goes on each side of the Roller. You may think it comes with two pairs. You can buy another pair for $9.95. The bands can be adjusted to 8 different positions changing the resistance from easiest to more difficult. I did have to get off the machine to change the resistance but it only takes a moment to do so.

I have been working out for 30 years! The most challenging level of resistance was not really challenging for me. I would have to buy another set of bands. The Roller costs $60.00 (It can be found for $55.00 if you look around.) plus an additional set of bands brings it up to $65.00 to $70.00. If you do not understand how the bands work, think of them like elastics that stretch as you pull on them. If you have a small elastic you won’t be able to stretch it much thus making the resistance harder. If you have a larger one, thus more “give“ the resistance will be easier. This is how the Roller works.

If you are a beginner the one pair of bands will be enough for you for awhile. I wouldn’t buy another pair if you order this online. I would wait to see how you do with it first.

There is a 1 year warranty on the Bun & Thigh Roller and a 30-day money back guarantee. You will get an exercise instruction guide as well as the requisite eating guide. If you follow the eating guide and use the Roller you will be good to go!

The Roller measures 10 inches by 24 inches by 13 inches. It is a small, portable product. You will not be putting it in a suitcase but you can certainly move it around your house.

Jo, your personal trainer’s final thoughts:

I like the Bun & Thigh Roller. Again an As Seen on TV product surprised me. It is easy to use and actually works. I could feel it working my quads, glutes and hamstrings. It is safe. I believe anyone can use this unless you have serious knee problems.

However I always ask if this is an essential piece of equipment. No it isn’t. You can buy a stability ball for less money and almost replicate the Roller. If you have weights at home or resistance bands you can do the bridge exercise and almost replicate the Bun & Thigh Roller by either putting the weights on your chest or the bands around your legs. Having said that for $60.00 this is a great gizmo and one I am recommending. It is so easy to use and seems sturdy. Since you are never really putting your entire weight on the Roller, how much you weigh should not be an issue. You won’t break it! I do realize some people hate it because it slides. Please make sure you are using it correctly and if you love the Roller but still find it slides invest in a mat.

I hope this has helped but please feel free to leave me a comment or question.

As always thanks for reading and exercise safely. Exercise is good for your body and soul.

Other reviews in which you may be interested follow. A complete list of my fitness related reviews are on my profile page.

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