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Apr 6, 2009
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Pros:Bunn quality, fast brewing, three separate pots and burners

Cons:Large filters are flimsy, expensive

The Bottom Line: This Bunn has been a wonderful coffee maker for our church.  It gets a workout and has been reliable.

The Bunn VPS Coffee Maker is a large, commercial grade coffee maker, and our church has this model in their kitchen.  We have four large urn style coffee pots (40-55 gallon), but we have been asked to only brew regular coffee in these, and to use the Bunn to make our decaffeinated coffee.  (More people prefer regular than decaf it seems).

My husband and I help prepare snacks, coffee and tea for our after service "coffee hour", and I always make the decaf coffee in this machine.   I also make coffee, as I did today, in this Bunn every Monday for our women's luncheon.  I never thought to see if this model was in the Epinions database, but I found it this evening and I am thrilled to be able to write a review on this wonderful product!


This is a commercial grade coffee maker, and it is quite large.  I've never measured it, but I'd say it's close to 2 feet wide, maybe 20" tall, and about 7-8 inches deep.  It is made of stainless steel with a black front and back splash.  The interior is stainless as well.  There are four rubber feet that keep the machine, which is on the heavy side anyway, from sliding on or scratching the surface of a counter top.

The set comes with three decanters, shaped like the style that restaurants use.  Two of the handles are black and one is orange, for easy recognition of decaf coffee.  Each of these hold 12 ounces, and a 12 ounce plastic pitcher also comes with the set.  The pots are clear glass, with chrome colored bottoms.  I love the heft of these decanters, the glass is much thicker than any "made for the home" machine I have owned, and they pour without dripping!

There are three burners, two on the bottom, separated by a wall, and one on the left top.  On the right top of the machine is the area where you pour in the cold water.  There is an on/off button, as well as separate on/off buttons for the warming plates.

How To Use

This is a very easy machine to use!  The coffee filters, which are very large, fit into the plastic basket, which slides into a slot directly above the coffee pot on the lower left hand side.  Next, open the lid on the top right, and you'll see a metal mesh screen, pour the cold water into this area, and be sure you have an empty coffee decanter on the lower bottom burner, as black coffee immediately starts streaming through the grounds and into the decanter.

Why I Love This Machine!

Without seeing it for yourself, it's hard to imagine how quickly this Bunn VPS Commercial Coffee Maker can brew a 12 cup decanter of coffee!  It doesn't trickle into the pot like with my Mr. Coffee, it literally streams into it. 

I made coffee in this machine just this afternoon, and the pot was full of hot coffee in a few minutes.  The Bunn doesn't gurgle like my small home coffee maker does, but when the coffee is sitting on the burner, it does make a slight sound.
If you are making coffee for a crowd, you can have three pots of coffee in about 15 minutes, and you have the three separate burners to keep them all hot at the same time. 

My one complaint about this machine, is finding good filters to fit into the large basket.  Our church buys the filters at Costco, but the filters are so large and tall, they don't stand upright like the smaller filters for my Mr. Coffee.  I always have to work with them a little, and push the sides against the edges of the basket, so they won't fold in on themselves and allow the coffee grounds to get into my brewed coffee.

To my knowledge, this machine has never been cleaned with white vinegar or other products like Dip It that remove hard water and scale build up, but it has been a reliable machine for us for more than a year now.  

Because several members of our church, including myself, cannot have caffeine, I am always sure there is a pot or two of decaf coffee every Sunday.   It takes about an hour for the large urn style coffee makers to finish brewing, so making coffee in these is not always an option.  That's where this Bunn comes in very handy.  You can make one, two or three pots very quickly, and can turn on one, two or three of the burners separately.

The quality of brewed coffee is good, but of course the better quality the coffee grounds, the better the finished product.  I personally feel that coffee left to long on the burners gets that distinct burnt taste, which I don't care for, but fresh coffee has an awesome taste.

Some people, like my husband and myself, like their coffee very strong, but others prefer a weaker brew.  Having the three decanters on hand to make a quick pot, you certainly have the option of brewing both kinds of coffee, so you can please everyone.

The first time I made coffee in this Bunn, I came home without turning off the burners, and when I remembered, I was afraid I'd start a fire, so I headed back to the church to turn them off.  When I got there, they were already off.  I didn't know if they turned themselves off, or if somebody else found them on and turned them off.   I made a point to ask the lady who purchased these for our church, and she said not to worry about it, as they do have an auto shut-off.

The stainless steel and black surface is quite easy to keep clean, and doesn't show coffee stains or splashes nearly as easily as my Mr.Coffee does.  We simply wipe it down with a damp dish cloth.  We don't own a dishwasher in our church kitchen, so the decanters always have to be washed by hand.  They do have some haze on the sides, which doesn't want to come off with a hand washing, but I don't know if this would improve by washing in a dishwasher or not.  I think they are just stained, and it doesn't affect the taste of the coffee.

Closing Recommendation

The Bunn VPS, like most Bunn models, is on the expensive side.  The cheapest I've seen this model is around $260, but remember it is a commercial grade machine, and it is worth every penny.  If being able to brew several pots of coffee very quickly, this model is definitely worthy of your consideration. 

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