COLORITE/SWAN 100' KinkFree Garden Hose (CL7958100CEZ) Reviews
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COLORITE/SWAN 100' KinkFree Garden Hose (CL7958100CEZ)

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Made in the USA COLORITE/SWAN 100' KinkFree Garden Hose.

May 23, 2011 (Updated May 23, 2011)
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Pros:Kink free and life time warranty.

Cons:Just a little expensive.

The Bottom Line: Stop throwing away your garden hoses and purchase one of these from Swan.

A lot of people take for granted what God has given us in the way of green grass and those weeds that comes along with all of those beautiful lawns. This garden hose from Swan will help you keep the lawn green and all of you flowers blooming all throughout the summer. You should seriously take a deep look at how you take care of you lawns and what hose that you chose to use. These are things that you will not be able to replace if they get damaged or burnt out. by protecting your lawns, then you should have a long happy life of working with your garden tools. Once you lose one of these items, it will be ultimately impossible to work on your lawn and garden easily. Any person that has lost one of these garden hoses due to a kink can appreciate how valuable a kink free hose really is. If you get pleasure out of gardening and working outside  in the yard, then I would highly recommend making sure that you have garden hose at your disposal in a place that makes this readily available. These are made in the USA and are just a bit more than the cheaper hoses. These hoses will set you back right around $35.00 for a 100' hose

This garden hose is just like a plain old garden hose with a few new changes. This hose will give you help all summer and give your lawn all around protection against the dry and hot summers. There is still the possibly of something slipping in and bugging your grass but you will be ready with this new kink free hose. They way to fix this is to purchase either a pair of 50' hoses or a 100' hose to cover all areas of your yard. If you already using an old garden hose, you can easily look at it to see if it needs replacing, you can purchase one of these garden hoses at your local hardware store or home improvement stores.

This particular hose is kink free and has an outer scuff proof outer coating. You will be able to bend this hose and not have to worry about a kink reappearing at a later date. This is heavy duty and is 5/8" in diameter and 100' long. The entire hose is a soft and supple feel to it, hence the name. This has duraflow technology and lead free and eco couplings (nickel plated couplings) which are very easy to tighten with your bare hands. At each end of the hose there is a spring guard to protect the nickel plated couplings.

One of the most over looked parts of the hose are the fittings and how easy it should be easy to attach a nozzle to it. A lot of people can't tolerate hard to tighten fittings. For the most part as long as you have a pair of gloves for the older people, if you are young and you do not have any problems with moving your hands then these fittings are breeze to tighten. To get the proper seal, you should make sure the you get a new gasket with the purchase of a new hose. This particular garden hose may have a container that you can store this in when not in use. Such as a hose reel box to call home. But, if you don't, then you will notice the hose getting dirty and you try and protect them whenever possible. Remember, more times than not all of your garden tools that they make will always have some kind of protection. Since this one is made of rubber, this is its protection. You may not think that you have done some damage by running it over with the car or twisting it too much, but in the long run you will have not done any damage. These hoses for the most part are very inexpensive and very effective.

Most of the times that you work in your garden, you would think nothing of using this hose for any type of watering. But, on the contrary you should not use this hose for running any hot water through it. Because, the hot water will cause the inner lining to collapse and bacteria could start to accumulate inside of the hose. This also has a lifetime warranty.

There are a lot of people that do not believe in the protection of their yard. But, I am here to tell you that this garden hose will have saved hundreds of people money by not having to replace their hoses every year. I have seen what a this can do to an unprotected wallet. Even the most minor of scratches on the outer coating can be prevented, but if you have an old hose these scratches might just turn out to be a pain because this is where the hose will be the weakest and will develop a hole. You can find this at any home improvement store for just a 35 dollars. That is why I always purchase this by the 100' roll. The cheaper hoses are usually thinner than the heavy duty good quality hoses. Yes, you can still work with them, but it will not last as long.

As long as you remember that there is more to a garden hose than just talking about it or looking at it, you will to take some care of it in order have a long and happy garden hose life. But, if you do not act upon the words of wisdom and take the advice from people that have been working in the industry for thirty years then it is going to be your loss. There is also nothing funny about watching a garden hose die, because you failed to follow proper uses and care of the hose. So, save yourself the headache and money, and don't let your hose go down the tubes, purchase a good one right from the start. Purchase a Swan.

"This is part of Made In USA write off Part 2"

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