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Jun 15, 2010
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Pros:Great shots, easy to learn, very flexible.

Cons:Price, steep learning curve for some non technical people.

The Bottom Line: Buy it and be happy!

I have purchased the Canon T1I DSLR and love it. I was kind of hesitant due to the price, but have always wanted a semi-professional camera. This camera was bought to replace a Kodak Z
1012 is that looks like a DSLR but is a fancy point and shoot. I also plan on buying the adapters and using this camera to take pictures of planets and deep space objects through my telescope. I haven't tried it yet, but others do this with Canon DSLRs and the results are stunning. 

The main advantage to a DSLR is the interchangeable lenses and the greater range of settings that you as a user can control. To be honest, I am still learning to control all of the feature on this camera, but it takes awesome photos in the Automatic mode. As I learn more about the camera, I can only image how great my photos will get. The Canon manual is easy to understand, but there are several books to teach you techniques on this camera.

I chose this camera over the Nikon D5000. I had done my research for a few weeks prior and most reviews are very close, but the one thing that sets the canon apart from the Nikon is the included software. As I mention earlier, I plan on hooking the camera up to my telescope and this requires using my computer to control the camera. Canon supplies the camera control software for free, and you have to spend $189 to get the software from Nikon to perform these actions. Canon also supplies picture editing software and other goodies.

My bottom line is that this is a nice camera for a beginner and for the semi-pro. I have have purchased the 55-250 lens and feel there is almost nothing I can't do with this camera. If you are on the fence about the price, I bought the camera refurbished at Adorama camera shop on-line and it came with everything a brand new camera would come with, plus a 1 year warranty for $599. I also purchased a refurbished 55-250 lens for $199. Buy it before they run out of them!  


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