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Canon MX320 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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Surprisingly Awesome

Dec 15, 2009
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  • User Rating: Excellent

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Great photos
Great document feeder
Easy install
Reliable inkcartridges
No crashes

Cons:Huge batches become slow.
Photos print slightly red.
Greyscale scans may be fuzzy
No OCR built-in

The Bottom Line: Low price, easy to use, great functionality.  I highly recommend this unit for any home or small office.

I was closing on a house and ended up with 600 pages of supporting docs for the title policy.  I wanted to keep this information, but that's just too much paper to keep track of.

I went to Wal-Mart and after reading through the boxes of scanners with an ADF (automatic document feeder), I picked the Canon MX320.  It was nearly the best price at $69 (amazingly inexpensive).

In the past, I've found Canon products to be of higher function and compatibility than HP, and  higher durability than Epson products.  I found these qualities to hold true, even on this low-priced product.

Once home, I had the unit unpacked and powered up in 10 minutes.  The drivers have an easy install.  I chose this on one system and on another, I manually installed drivers from subdirectories on the CD.  Both methods proved to be simple and take very little time.

Once installed, I found the bundled software to be intuitive and easy to use.  Without any special configuration, I was able to feed through piles of poor quality photocopies and have legible scans on disk.

Bleed-through minimization option works very well.  Some types of scans want for better unsharp-mask, and end upwith crisp areas mixed with non-crisp areas, but this can be tweaked.

Scan Text/OCR does NOT actually have OCR functionality.  This scans in black and white.  The function labelled "B&W" is a greyscale scan.

From there, you can save as PDF, BMP, JPG and TIF.  You can choose specific pages or all pages.  Zoom, etc.  You can save multiple groupings, and when ready, you can clear your scanned image queue.

I found that extra-thick paper would have difficulty feeding, so I wouldn expect card-stock to need to be placed on the platen (glass) directly.  Clearing misfeeds is VERY simple.  Lift the plastic flap on the left and pull the sheet out.  Close the flap and click OK.  It's read to continue.

If you forget and leave a sheet on the platen, the ADF still works because it uses a small bit of side-glass.  This is great for forgetful people like me.

FAX configuration took abou 5 minutes to configure the ID string, dialling preferences, etc.  I did have to look in the quickstart guide to determine what some wording meant, but overall, it was a painless set-up.  You can have it auto-answer, or silently listen for faxes when you make a voice call.

Scanning was the same speed for FAX mode as for PC mode.  I did not time it, but it was much faster than the FAX can transmit anyway.  Scanning claims a 30 sheet ADF however, it easily handles a stack of about 50 sheets of plain copy paper.

I found that past about 50 sheets, the scanner would slow begin to pause about 8 times per sheet, dropping the scan rates from 6-10/second down to 4 sheets/second.  This seemed to be more of a software issue than anything with the hardware.

Printing to plain paper was as simple as can be.  The driver install was already taken care of and printing required no special set-up to obtain excellent quality output.

When I tried printing to glossy photo stock, I was not optimistic; however, the resolution was amazing.  This is about 4 times better than Walgreens photo service.  I could see individual hairs on my son's head in the image.

When not in use, the various covers for scanner, paper in and paper out easily fold shut to help reduce dust infiltration.

I never used the hard-keys for scan or copy, but fax was pretty standard.

This easily performs with the quality  of

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Amount Paid (US$): 69
Operating System: Windows

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