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Canon PIXMA MX870 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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I Searched A Long Time For This All-In-One

Jul 17, 2011
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Pros:Attractive, high quality prints/copies

Cons:Large footprint, difficult software installation, high ink cost

The Bottom Line: I've not had any paper jams like some. So I would recommend you check this or the new model out if you are in the market for an all-in-one.

Ken has already written a fairly descriptive review of the Canon PIXMA MX870 All-In-One InkJet Printer. So I'll concentrate on my experience of setting one up and my initial test.

The Search

After researching for over a year, I broke from my brands of HP and Epson, both of which had lots of complaints and negative reviews on their current printers.

I had received a "free" low end printer in a package deal from Canon and as cheap as it is, the darn thing had fabulous quality and has not stopped working for years of use now.

But I was going to have to replace a dying Brother fax machine, and we really needed a photo copier too as well as the need for a scanner. So while all of these other devices were just barely hanging on, I started research. And I kept coming back to this machine. Yes, there were some negative reviews written on various sites and some people had trouble with theirs. But overall, most folks loved them.

The Find

So I started to order one from Amazon and as I was in the checkout process, the price jumped by $30.00 and switched to a third party seller, which meant I didn't get the free shipping. So instantly, the price went up about $55 and I said NO WAY!

Back To The Search

Back to the Google search and I found not only the original under $100 price that Amazon had listed at another place, but it also came with free shipping, AND a $30 rebate on other Canon products, which I needed anyway. So I ordered from B&H. Sorry, but in today's economy, the wise shopper has to go with price.

The Setup

I got the device about a week later and started setting it up. I run both Windows XP Pro (as a virtual computer through VMware Fusion) and OS X 10.5.8 on an Intel iMac. Since my office software is all Windoze, I tried to set up the Canon on the virtual XP Pro machine. No going. Would NOT do it no matter how many times and ways I tried. And each time I even tried to use the software to reach the machine, BAM!, it crashed XP Pro AND the Mac. After doing that a few times, I uninstalled ALL the Canon software, rebooted and installed the software in the Mac world. It works perfectly there.

Switching On

The installation, though it took a while, went smoothly, and I crossed my fingers as I tried a simple function first: to scan a photo. BAM! A notice popped up that said the computer could not find the printer and is shutting down. What? The computer just set the printer up! How can it now not find it? I tried it again. BAM! No good. So before I decided to box the sucker up and ship it back, or call Canon for help, I thought of something. I turned the printer off, let it sit for a moment, and then punched it back on. Wham! The PRINTER found the COMPUTER, not the other way around like it's supposed to.

Initial Test

At this stage, I really didn't care as I hit the button to scan a photo. It scanned on automatic setting a beautiful copy of a photo into a new folder (it did that automatically) on the Mac. Next, I tried printing a colorful, professionally made PDF file. Worked perfect and the printed copy was gorgeous. Then, thinking I was pushing my good fortune, I attempted to make a photo copy of that page I just printed. No problem. I showed both to my wife, a teacher and artist, and she couldn't tell which was the copy. Finally, I hit the "hook" button and there was the dial tone. I did not fax anything to anyone but I'm hoping it will work fine when needed.

So, despite the printer software not liking XP Pro in a virtual world, and a bumpy start on the Mac, everything quickly turned around and this gem of a machine is working just fine, making beautiful prints, copies, and scans.


If you're in the market, do yourself a favor and check this machine out. I understand there is a newer model that has been released (the Canon Pixma MX882) so you might want to look at that or wait until the price drops in clearance on this great value for the money.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 99.00
Operating System: Windows and Macintosh

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Get your printing job done quickly and easily without messy wires, with the Canon PIXMA MX870 printer. With a 5-color ink system and 1 picolitre FINE ...
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Get your printing job done quickly and easily without messy wires, with the Canon PIXMA MX870 printer. With a 5-color ink system and 1 picolitre FINE ...
Store Rating: 4.0
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