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Jun 26, 2012
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Pros:Great controls
SLR like features
Very usable zoom range
Solid construction

Cons:Poor low light performance
Exposures limited to 15 seconds
Grain over 400 ISO
Screws can loosen over time

The Bottom Line: The Cannon G Series cameras are a great way to break into photography without the investment of a DSLR and lenses.

I've owned my Canon G10 since early 2009 and I have to say that throughout my 3 and a half years with the camera it's been an absolute joy to use.

I first bought my G10 before a big trip to Europe with a limited knowledge of photography and a strong desire to learn more. This camera has been one of the best introductions into photography I can imagine.

The controls are well laid out and intuitive to operate.
The feature set is comprehensive and I've been able to grow with the camera and move into HDR and stitched panoramic shots with ease.
The robust, all metal body has taken serious abuse and has only minor scratches to show.

Most of my photography is landscape and I usually use a tripod. In these conditions there have been very few times when the zoom range hasn’t been adequate.

My only real complaints actually are the lack of exposures over 15 seconds and the noticeable grain when shooting over 400 ISO. These two factors combine to make low light exposures less than ideal at best.

In all though this camera and indeed the whole cannon G series cameras are one of the best ways to break into an interest in photography without the investment of a DSLR and lenses. Even when using some DSLR's I find myself yearning for the well laid out controls and portability of my G10.

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