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Canon PowerShot G12 10.0 MP Digital Camera - Black

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The Canon G12 Cured My Rosacea!!!

Jul 25, 2011
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Pros:lowlight photos, non-distorting on faces, great point-&-shoot, excellent photo quality

Cons:colors off-balance or washed out, no printed manual

The Bottom Line: Although not professional, this camera comes awfully close with flexibility AND point and shoot features.  Lowlight photos are AMAZING.

It would happen when I least suspected it.  I would have my makeup perfect, my outfit and hair would be impeccable, and then trying to capture that moment in time forever, I would snap the photo.  I would print out the photo with great expectations... only to find that I had acquired a horrific case of ROSACEA!

I am a makeup artist as well as an artist in quite a few other media.  One of the things that many of us artists like to do is snap photos of our makeup to give others a chance to look at what we did and possibly inspire or get constructive criticism.

Well, let me tell you, I was so upset about this secret case of rosacea that I began to stare at myself in the mirror a lot.  I mean, when I looked in the mirror, it was not there, but when snapping with my camera on certain days- it was not pretty at all.  I looked like I was having a hot flash on a 100 degree tropical day!

Finally when my beloved Kodak Easyshare Z730 fell out of my hands and broke, I had to get another camera.  Don't get me wrong- the Kodak took impeccable photos many times, especially outdoors.  I constantly got comments on how amazing my outdoor photos looked.  As a makeup artist, it just was not flattering me when I needed it most!

Now, before you continue on in this review, please note that I am not a photographer of a professional level.  I do not understand many of the adjustments and terminology of cameras, so this review is not going to be overly technical.  I am very particular with what I want my camera to do, however, and that is something you might find useful if you are a casual to semi serious user. 


One thing I loved about my Kodak was the remarkable color saturation and balance without having to do many adjustments to my end product.  I  had originally chosen the Kodak because all of the Canons I had seen had washed out photos and I don't like that at all.  When I take a photo, I want COLOR and accuracy.  Canons never seemed to provide that.

After lots of research and digging through reviews and other information, I found myself coming back again and again to the Canon Powershot G12.  The reactions were very positive and despite some drawbacks, I thought I should give it a try.  Kodak sure was not giving me the results I wanted, so I figured I would take the plunge and try a different camera.

The Canon Powershot G12 is more like the old style of 35mm camera.  It is a heavy body, and is very substantial to hold.  That can be good and that can be bad, depending on what it is you are looking for in a camera.

One thing that I was concerned about was battery life- I could recharge my Kodak and have it operate for up to several months of constant photo taking before I had to reacharge.  The reviews on the Canon Powershot G12 were not so promising. 

Here is a breakdown of this camera for you:


Neckstrap (USE this so you don't drop the camera like I did with my   Kodak)
Battery Charger
Battery Pack (I get a month out of this at least taking lots of photos)
AV Cable
Interface Cable
Software on CD ROM (which you are supposed to use YOUR money and ink to print)



    10.0-megapixel sensor and the DIGIC 4 Image Processor combine to create Canon's HS SYSTEM for improved low light performance
    Shoot 720p HD video in stereo sound; HDMI output
    Canon's Hybrid IS compensates for angular and shift camera shake during close-up shooting
    5x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer; 28mm wide-angle lens; optical viewfinder
    Capture images and video to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card (not included)
    10 megapixel, 1/1.7-inch type Charge Coupled Device (CCD); 5x optical, 4x digital, 20x combined zoom
    11 shooting modes; 19 scene modes; Self-timer (Smile, Wink, Face)
    2.8 inch TFT color LCD (Vari-angle type with wide-viewing angle); Built-in flash; 720p HD video in stereo sound
    Optical Image Stabilizer system; DIGIC 4 Image Processor
    USB 2.0 Hi-Speed; SD/SDHC memory card slot (card NOT included)


    Brand Name: Canon
    Model: G12
    Optical Sensor Resolution: 10 MP
    Optical Sensor Technology: CCD
    Optical zoom: 5 x
    Maximum Aperture Range: F/2.8-4.5
    Minimum focal length: 6.1 millimeters
    Maximum focal length: 30.5 millimeters
    Lens Type: Zoom lens
    Optical Sensor Size: 1/1.7"
    Included Flash Type: Built-in flash
    Display Size: 2.8
    Light Sensitivity: ISO 100, ISO 800, ISO 125, ISO 400, ISO 200, ISO 160, ISO 320, ISO 640, ISO 80, ISO auto, ISO 500, ISO 2000, ISO 2500, ISO 250, ISO 1600, ISO 3200, ISO 1000, ISO 1250
    Image types: JPEG, RAW
    Shooting Modes: Frame movie mode
    Exposure Control Type: Beach, Kids & pets, Snow, Poster effect, Landscape, Portrait mode, Stitch assist, Fireworks, Low light, Underwater, Sports mode, Foliage
    Viewfinder Type: Optical
    Width: 4.4 inches
    Depth: 1.9 inches
    Height: 3 inches
    Weight: 12.4 Ounces


The Canon Powershot G12 is a heavy camera to use if you are used to a very thin point and shoot style camera.  However, there with careful training, I have been able to hold the camera easily most of the time without pressing buttons by mistake.  One handed, however, can  be a challenge at times for taking self portraits. 

The back LED screen has a wonderful hinge on it that makes it flip out so that I can easily take self portraits.  That is very important for the work that I do- and they turn out quite well.

The camera has a retracted lens that forms its own cover when it closes.  The time to engage the lens and turn the camera on is remarkably faster than I expected it to be.

There is a spot to put on an external flash if you so desire, or you can use the auto flash in the camera which can be switched on and off only if in SCN mode on a setting like portraits. You can not put on the auto-flash when the camera is in auto mode, you can only turn it on auto flash or off completely- which means that in the auto flash setting, the camera decides if and when to put on the flash, you have no control over it.

Because this camera does not come with a printed manual, I am sorry to say that I am just not up on all of the features in this camera yet.  Because it takes a LOT of ink and paper to print the manual, I just have not had the chance or $ to do it. 

As good as this camera is, I am so irritated at the lack of printed manual, that I am tempted to take off one star, but I can't considering that it is such a nice camera.

The shutter button on top allows for focus (soft press) and then if pressed hard, takes the photo. On the top of the camera there are dials for film speed if you desire, or SCN, video, auto, candlelight, movies, fast shooting, C2, C1,M,Av, Tv, and P.  The optical viewfinder is pretty accurate if you choose not to look at the digital screen.

As for photos, I am a bit frustrated with the washed out feel of some of the photos taken with this camera.  I don't mind using photo editing to a point, but what discourages me about this camera's photo quality is that sometimes the color balance is out of whack and it takes a lot of work to make the photos look right.  The quality is usually workable, however, and outside the photos are nice- not quite as saturated as my Kodak, but still nice.

That is one thing I am not fond of, but it is not constantly, only in certain photos, and not always predictable.  Clarity is not a problem, however.  Photos are very beautiful and clear.


The photo quality of the Canon Powershot G12 is sometimes a little frustrating to an artist who is very color sensitive like I am, but there is a trade-off.  The quality of the photos taken in low light is exceptional.  most of the time I find that lighting that would send me into rosacea mode are no problem with this camera.

The lighting is really nice and often times I find that this camera does a better job in subdued lighting than it better lighting. 

The adjustments on the camera also handle light very well- when taking photos in bright sunlight outside, the beach light setting is amazing- really cleans up the photo.

The auto dial for photos with this camera is really nice, but I find taking the time to mess with settings is worth it if I have the time to.  As a point and shoot, however, it is more than fine with the auto settings most of the time.


Since I use my camera a lot for self portraits for makeup documentation, I need to have faces be complimented and not distorted or misshapen.  I have found this camera has a lot less distortion than any other camera I have used to date.  Self portraits are far more complimentary than any other camera I have used so far.

Although I purchased a backup battery, I rarely need to use it because this camera has a long life like my Kodak did- I get at least a month out of it using it a few times a week, or a few photos a day minimum- no flash

Although I get frustrated with this camera in a few ways, the advantages far outweigh the frustrations.   

Here is what I like:

Lowlight photos are phenomenal
Flip screen allows for great self portraits
Optical Viewfinder
Camera blocks movement for great photos
Neck Strap
Option to add external flash
Fast on and off operation
Less Distortion on close up portraits

A bit heavier than most cameras -one handed photos challenging
Can easily press buttons by mistake if not careful
Photos sometimes washed out and hard to adjust w/ photoediting

For this camera, I decided to purchase SDHC Memory SanDisk Extreme 8GB/120min memory card with 20MB per second capability- in case I want to try video sometime- although so far I am just using it for photos.  I have not done a thing with video as of yet.

Despite a few frustrations, this camera is one heck of a fantastic camera.  For the $450 price that we paid for it, it has served me well.  Despite the lack of printed manual that really irritates me, and photos that are sometimes not the right ratio of color, I find that the low light photos, less distortion of faces, and self portrait options have more than made up for the frustrations.

I got my camera at Best Buy, but they are also available online at 

I do recommend a carrying case for this camera as it is heavy and can be damaged if dropped.

Some day I hope to learn a lot more about this camera, in which time I will update this review to reflect any changes. 

Oh yes, it finally happened- NO MORE ROSACEA!  Thankfully my family is now no longer known as the family with skin problems- the Canon Powershot G12 cured us of the Rosacea problems- most photos look completely normal- FINALLY!    And no more pie face either!  My face looks very normal at last!

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