Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH SD1200 IS / Digital IXUS 95 IS 10.0 MP Digital Camera - Dark gray Reviews

Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH SD1200 IS / Digital IXUS 95 IS 10.0 MP Digital Camera - Dark gray

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Nice Compact Camera

Jan 27, 2010 (Updated Jan 28, 2010)
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Pros:Great Picture Quality, Big Screen, Nice design, and Great Zoom. Easy to access!

Cons:Not very good grip on it, and easy to drop.

The Bottom Line: If you need a nice small camera that takes excellent pictures then this is the camera for you!

I found myself needing a camera a lot, so I decided to search for a good camera. My brother who knows a lot about technology suggested the Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS. He refers to the ELPH series of cameras as the best compact cameras on the market. He has the model before this and was highly impressed. My other brother and sister had also had the model before and both were highly satisfied. Therefore I figured I would be safe buying this camera. To my amazement it was better than I ever expected. When I pulled it out of the box I knew I'd gotten a very good deal. The things I loved about it were the look of the camera, and I started taking pictures immediately. My sister in-law then informed me about the auto zoom this I loved. The big screen is very nice, and the 10.0 mega pixels zoom, and the main thing you look for in a camera is picture quality, this camera has great picture quality. The one flaw I did find about the camera is that the feel of it is very slick.

The  Canon PowerShot SD 1200 IS is one of the best looking cameras I've seen on the market. Especially in its price range, you won't find a better looking camera for this cheap. The front of the camera is very appealing and thin. The lens retracts back into the camera very smooth and it goes flesh with the front of the camera. This makes it very nice when you are taking the camera in and out of the case. The back is also like this, the screen is flesh with the rest of the camera and smooth making it is to access. The buttons are also flesh with the rest of the camera. It has a nice mount at the bottom which makes it nice to put on a tri-pod. This is one of the most appealing cameras on the market.

Image Stabilizer
This is a must in any camera you buy, and they have done a wonderful job in this camera with the image stabilizer. I'm an avid outdoors man and take many pictures on the mountain. When you are hiking and tired this makes it nice because with other cameras I've used if you don't hold them very still you get a poor picture, but with this camera you don't have to be as still. This may not seem relevant, but I promise it is something you will love about this device if you purchase it.

Another must in a camera for me is having good zoom; this camera has a 10.0 mega pixel zoom. When taking pictures in the outdoors this is a must. Getting a picture of an elk or a deer hundreds of yards away is a very common thing, with this camera they make it possible to get a very good picture. The other thing that my sister in-law pointed out to me was the auto zoom. When taking the picture you hold the button down half way and the lens adjust to the best possible picture. I was very impressed with this; it is very nice to have when taking pictures.

The big screen on the camera was one thing I was looking for in the camera because when taking pictures I like to see the results of the picture that I've just taken. With this big screen you can tell if you have taken a good picture or not. When taking the picture you can see what you are taking a picture of and can get everything you want in the picture, and this big screen helps you a lot when trying to do this.

Picture Quality
This is an obvious must with any camera, and this product doesn't let you down. This cameras picture quality is one of the best you can find for the price of the camera. There is a little blur in the corners in some pictures, but if you hold still you can avoid this. I was very impressed with this little cameras picture quality. Very detailed pictures, and very clear pixels which are sometimes hard to find in a camera.

The one flaw I did find in this product was that it is at some times very hard to hold onto. The outside of the camera has no grip on it anywhere. When in the cold this becomes a big factor because your hands have less grip and it's hard to hold onto.

There are many good things about this camera and for the price that you can buy it at it is worth the money. You get your money's worth on this product. It is very small and easy to store, and easy to take in and out of a case. If you're looking for a little camera that takes excellent pictures.

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Amount Paid (US$): 149.00
This Camera is a Good Choice if You Want Something... Easy Enough for Anyone to Use

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