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CardScan Personal V8 Pass-Through Scanner

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Nov 14, 2006 (Updated Nov 17, 2006)
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Pros:Efficient. Easy to use. Amazing customer service


The Bottom Line: Would highly recommend to anyone in a business inwhich one receives many business cards. Is easy to use, and the allows to access the cards from any computer anywhere.

I only have superlatives both for this machine and for Cardscan's corporation's customer support.
Yes. You heard it right. AMAZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT.
I joined Epinions, after Dell customer support had wasted hours of my time, and were extremely unhelpful. I've reported on several other large companies that have done all not to help and not take any responsibility for their defective machines.
In the last few years, as more and more customer support companies are moving to India, my expactations have really lowered their standards to new lows.
BUT from time to time, one encounters a company like cardscan that reminds you what amazing customer service can be.

I just got the new cardscan 600cx as a replacement for my older cardscan 600 which I had and stopped working. I called Cardscan, and they sent me a replacement fast and without any hassle. It was the most friendly customer support I've dealt with in a very long time. They sent a brand new cardscan even thought it was more than a year since I bought the older one and it was out of warranty.

I've had two other older version cardscan machines before this one. They were bigger, and less efficient, but still did the work. I have no idea how someone can live without this device.

It does an unbelievable job of keeping all your business cards in a file, and on the web, easily accessed from any computer.
I get a lot of business cards, so this machine was a life saver. Very reliable machine, and does the work , almost perfect every time.
For anyone in a business where there are a lot of business cards exchanges this is a must have machine.
The new version V7, like the V6 is a huge improvement over the older models they had. Much easier to find cards in their new and refined search option.
For those of you who work with a lot of people, this is a must have business machine that will save you hundreds of hours on the long run.
Another wonderful thing they have is the
All the saved scanned cards and info is stored on their server, so even if you're not near your own computer, a person can log on to the .net and retrieve all his info , if he's been diligent in always saving a backup to their .net
It's such a life saver, being somewhere and being able to able to retrieve any business card.
I've been working with these guys for several years, so I've seen how their software has also improved drastically, making it a much easier and user friendly experience.
It's so easy to find contacts in their application.
You can find them based on anything. Profession, name, last name, groups ...

Every person I've collaborated with, has always mocked me for being such a cardscan "freak", and wanting to cardscan every business card immediatly after I get it.
But most people who have worked with me on various projects and needed to spend a week in my office became converts and also bought one.
I must admit. I also was skeptical about the need for this machine, but after spending a week with my dad who has one, I also couldn't resist buying it.

This machine isn't for everyone.
It's not cheap, and it does need a little time to learn it.
One needs discipline and making it a habit to scan every card.
Most of the time, it gets all the info right, but from time to time when the fonts aren't easy to read, it makes mistakes, in breaking down the info on the card into it's OUTLOOK like program . So it's important to check it out and fix those mistakes immediatly.
If one is busy, you can just scan the card into the reader, and not mark the info as being verified. Thus, reminding yourself for a later time to check that the info on the card is accurate to the info on
Anyways, once the card is scanned, you can see the card next to their program and compare.
But make a habit of comparing once a week, or you'll find yourself after a month or so with hundreds of cards and that becomes frustrating.

But for those who work in a profession where they get lots of cards, on a daily bassis. (I get a minimum of 5-10 daily) This is a must have . That's why my recommendation is MUST HAVE MACHINE.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 200
Interface: USB

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