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CardScan Personal V8 Pass-Through Scanner

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Useful mini scanner

Jan 27, 2008
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  • User Rating: Excellent

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Pros:Easy Fast and Functional

Cons:poor software updates.

The Bottom Line: This device is easy to use and does what it advertises.

I am really enjoying my new card scan personal 8. I have wanted a business card scanner for years. My messenger bag's pockets are full of cards that I never have time to type into my contact page. It seemed like luxury item, but I finally decided that I was worth it.

The Purchase

The website was easy to navigate and comparable to other stores. It costs $159. There is a two-year warranty. The shipping was amazing. I ordered it over weekend and it arrived by Wednesday.

The Device

This scanner is made of gray plastic. The footprint is about the size of an index card (3X5). The side view is almost shaped like a wing. I think that this falls under the heading of sleek styling. There is only one button that flips open the scanner. It is located on the right front of the device. There is one triangle shaped arrow light. The only power source is the USB cord that connects the computer to the scanner. It comes with a nylon sack to cover the device. This is a tight fit and it isn’t really convenient to put on. I think it would be helpful to keep dust out of the scanner when carrying the device in your brief case or backpack.


Installation is fairly easy although it felt time consuming. Once I finally got the software installed it went quickly though. The one problem I did have was updating the software. The software indicated that there was an update available. It downloaded very slowly to my computer and I have dsl. Then it uninstalled the present software. Then it failed to install the updated software after I went through the whole process of entering the software serial number. I am not sure what the problem is but it might have been unable to verify a registry file. Of course, I had to try this more than once to be sure it wasn’t possible. Then I had to start all over and install it from the CD. That was very annoying but it hasn’t really hurt anything.

Major Features

• Scanning

The machine is quiet in use. There is a little arrow that lights blue when it is ready and red when it is scanning. It took me about two hours to scan every card in my house. This is the amount of time it took to actually scan‘ go through and approve each address entry. One of my favorite parts so far is the way it has no problem reading stained crumpled cards. The scanner cannot read handwriting.

• Accuracy Verification

I found the scan to be relatively accurate. It stores the image so you don't have to fish the card out of the pile to compare the information. Many people scribble their cell phone number on the business and this feature helped me add the mobile number to the entry.

• Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The software helps you compare information from cards to entries in your address book and pick the best of both. It let's you choose one-entry vs. the newly scanned card. It also let's you choose individual lines and create the best address book entry.

• Contact Management with Enhanced Navigation

This is Card Scan’s own contact management program. It seems very cool, but what I really need is to put these contacts into my Outlook 2000 and manage them there. I have found that mapping the address works better in their software. You just right click the contact item and select a mapping website.

• Data-Exchange

This describes the synchronization of Card Scan with my Outlook. It has worked without a hitch so far.

• Enhanced Ability to Reach Contacts Online

This talks about the fact that you can email a contact directly from the Card Scan software. This is mainly useful if the Card Scan Feature is your contact manager.

What I Think

This is a simple device that does what it advertises. It scans business cards and makes it easy to record the contact data. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but it is great have something useful to do with all the business cards I collect.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 159
Interface: USB

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