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Carter's Classic Comfort Wood High Chair

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stylish, well designed highchair

Sep 5, 2010 (Updated Sep 9, 2010)
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Pros:wooden modern style
removeable, machine washable top tray
Plastic, easy to clean, seat cover

Cons:snap that holds trays together
folds in plastic covering hard to clean

The Bottom Line:

Would definitely recommend this highchair.  There are more pros than cons. It would be better for someone willing to pay more for style and wood material.

My wife and I put off buying a highchair for as long as possible.   There were so many out there, but my wife just couldn't find one that looked good and had all of the features she was looking for.  Once she saw this one she wouldn't settle for a different one.  It was barely in our price range, looked good, had the features we thought we wanted, and seemed like it would last a long time.  Our goal was to find a highchair we wouldn't have to replace as more kids came along.  We waited for a good deal  and after waiting for a while for it to be restocked in Babies R Us so we could use a coupon, we went home with a new highchair.  So far we love this chair and it was worth the wait, even though there are a few things that may be "cons".

Ease of use

This category starts for me as soon as I began pulling the parts out of the box to put this together.  I was the one designated to put it together.  It took me approximately 30 minutes.  More time than I would have liked but that is because it came in wood pieces that needed to be screwed together instead of plastic pieces that slide together. The directions were very easy to follow and most anyone could put this together with a some time. 

After I got it put together it was a very easy to use high chair.  Most high chairs aren't too complicated and neither is this one.  There are the basic 5 safety straps to hold the baby in, the trays that snap in and together very easily, and a reclining feature that just has buttons to push on the back for reclining. There is more on the functionality of those features below. 


The basic features on this highchair as listed above, are the double trays that snap together, the safety straps to hold the baby, reclining back rest, and not listed, is the foot rests that allow the high chair to be turned into a toddler/child chair as the baby gets grows and gets older, and soft plastic pad to cover the seat. 
We have really enjoyed the double trays with a small snack tray below them.  There is a dishwasher safe detachable tray that snaps into the main tray that snaps into the highchair.  The detachable tray is very convenient and easy to clean, and having two trays allows us to use the bottom one if there is a time we don't get around to cleaning the detachable tray.  The one thing both my wife and I have noticed and dislike is that the snaps for the detachable tray to the bottom tray do not hold it on tight enough for it to not be taken off by the child.  When our baby gets bored she has learned how to detach it sometimes and it makes a mess if there is food on the tray at the time

The straps on the chair are very basic and do their job of holding the baby in.  The chair is built so that there is a bar that the baby's legs go around so the baby cannot slip under the tray, so the bottom straps are reinforcement and the top straps keep the baby from standing up.  Very basic, easy to strap together, and serve the purpose.

The reclining back rest is a nice added feature but we don't use it. We keep it up straight for now but as our girl gets older we may adjust it.  Knowing we have the option is a nice thought. 
The foot rests, and design of the high chair, enable it to act as a table chair for a toddler or small child, which is convenient.  We really liked this feature at the time that we bought it.  We haven't used it like that but it is extremely easy to transform and looks just like a real it may not slide under. 

There is a plastic pad that covers the chair where the baby sits.  This pad is good at keeping spilled things from the wood and is much easier to clean than the wood. I would say it is very functional feature.  The only problem I have noticed is that food tends to get into the cracks and folds of the pad and is hard to get crumbs out without removing the pad.  This doesn't sound like it would be too hard but it is held in by the same straps that hold the baby in the highchair so it adds a little extra time to the clean up process when that is required.

Overall we are very pleased with the functionality of this highchair.


As I mentioned above, one major reason we bought this highchair is that we believed this would be a highchair we would have for a long time.  So far we have not had any problems with it.  The wood is real and the trays are very sturdy plastic.  We haven't had any little parts break or screws come out which are common with other wood things we bought for the baby and had to put together.  After having it 6 months, I'm still convinced we will have this around for a while. 


The design and style of this highchair was actually one that both my wife and I liked.  She liked it because it is very stylish and modern, and I liked it because it wasn't completely girly and plastic.  It was a pretty unique look compared to all the others we looked at for months before finding this one.  It doesn't stand out in our kitchen because it is bright colors like some other highchairs, but stays low key and almost "fits in" with the wood of our table.  The colors go with both "genders" so we don't have to buy a new one when we have a boy or vice versa.   We are both very happy with the style and design.

Overall Quality for Price

With our coupon we paid 139.99 for this highchair.  This is quite a bit higher than some of the other highchairs out there.  There are some for as low as 39.99.  I don't regret paying that much for a highchair that we both like, fits our needs, and will be around for a while.   As a future consumer, if the design/style is not that important, then this may not be the highchair for you as there are other highchairs that have detachable trays, ect.  Overall I feel that we got all of the features we wanted in this highchair without having to compromise one to get the highchair we were really happy with which we would have had to do had we gone with some of the cheaper ones we were looking at.


We really like this highchair and think it was a great purchase for us.  The things we liked are the modern wooden design, the ability to change to a small table chair, the detachable tray, and easy to clean plastic seat covering. 

There are a few things that we don't necessarily love about the highchair and those are: hard to clean folds in the plastic seat covering, and the unstable snap to put the trays together. Overall we would definitely recommend this highchair.

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