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Mar 31, 2007 (Updated Apr 1, 2007)
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Pros:The best one was Trojan Horse and the worst Jungle Jitters.

Cons:Color not that great.

The Bottom Line: Classic Cartoons DVDs make will be enjoyed by everyone.

This is the 3rd DVD in a "3 DVD PACK" which I received as a gift since I have a DVD player but had no DVDs. This is part of the Classic Characters - Cartoon Craze Vol. 18. This collection is made up of older cartoons that adults enjoyed as children, now they can be enjoyed in DVD format with our children and granchildren.

I really enjoyed the first 2 which contained Gumby:Gumbasia Vol 20, Superman/ Popeye: Out to Punch Vol 3. I wasn't too crazy about this one. Children like to watch most cartoons and since this is from the 40s to the 60s, grownups can enjoy watching along with children. I'm going to give an overview below of each episode on this DVD.

~ DIGIVIEW Entertainment
~ English
~ Standard Full Frame
~ Digitally Remastered
~ Stereo Sound
~ Aprox. 62 min.
~ Interactive Menus
~ Originally created, no editing and presented as produced.
~ 10 Episodes

Mighty Mouse in Wolf! Wolf!
Mighty Mouse rescues a captured little lamb from the nasty sly wolves.

The Talking Magpies - Two magpies finally find the perfect home until they meet up with an old man and his dog that cannot stand noise near his window.

Treasure Island 1959
A tale about the treasures of gold, silver and diamonds in a cave on Treasure Island.

The Trojan Horse
An 80 foot wooden horse was built so the Greeks could gain entrance and save the beautiful Greek princess named Helen.

Jungle Jitters
The door to door salesman that gets trapped and would rather be cooked than kissed by the queen of the tribe.

A Mutt in a Rut
The dog in the house does not want his space shared with a stray cat taken in from the cold. A dream takes the dog to Heaven and is approached by a Heavenly cop.

A Waif's Welcome
A family adopts a homeless boy but the new brother gets him into trouble.

Billy Mouse Akwakade
In this episode the cat and mouse team up against a bunch of troublesome mice.

Much Ado About Mutton
Another lambs and wolves episode. The lamb has uncle "Blackie" for help.

Cheese Burglar
A cat and dog team up after a troublesome mouse trying to run away with the cheese. The mouse marks on his calendar "29" days of starvation. The mouse warns them "Cat and dog are natural enemies and will kill each other some day".

This multi collection
My daughter purchased this multi pack at WalMart. She didn't remember what she paid for it but said it was under $5 for all 3 packaged as a multi pack. There's over 3 hours of viewing. That's a lot of cartoons with a total of 29 episodes at roughly 10 minutes each.

This is a nice set to add to a collection of DVDs. The price is relatively cheap from what I saw online. This was probably purchased for the Popeye and Superman episodes. Although the others were also interesting to watch mainly because of the old type of cartoons that many can recall from the 40s and 50s.

I would like to add to my collection some of the other Cartoon Classics available. I found the animation to be good on all three. Although this one was my least favorite. The gags are funny on all 3 DVDs. These make great gifts for families with children.

The animation is top-notch, and the gags genuinely funny but the color is not great. Considering these are all Classics, they are still quite enjoyable for children and adults of all ages. This being the 3rd I watched was not that great. I would have liked more Popeye and Superman episodes. Jungle Jitters should NOT have been included. I didn't care for this type of a cartoon for children. It should not have been included in this DVD. It has no humor.

Cartoon Craze DVDs will be a good collection for any household that has children. Adults too will enjoy watching along with their children on days you just want to stay in and not watch regular cartoons on TV but I doubt this "Cartoon Craze Presents:" Mighty Mouse/Heckle and Jeckle: Wolf! Wolf! DVD will get used as much as the other 2.

My rating explained
I rated the other 2 in the pack to be best. This one is only worth 2 1/2 stars. Since this is part of the pack, it is still worthwhile having

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