Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z550 14.1 MP Digital Camera - Black Reviews
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Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z550 14.1 MP Digital Camera - Black

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Exilim Excellent

Aug 24, 2005
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Pros:LONG battery life, LARGE LCD screen, sleek design, best shot mode, ease of use,

Cons:Afraid to accidentally hit on/off button while in pocket...otherwise, NONE

The Bottom Line: Amazing.

I bought the Exiliim EX-Z55 about 4 days ago and WOW! It is simply AMAZING! I previously owned a 2 megapixel Olympus Digital cam(forgot model) and this move to such a gret camera has been a giant step! Firstly, I love love love the 2.5 inch LCD screen that fills more than half of the back, and it is very clear. It is covered by glass so it isnt the kind where you can put your finger on it and rainbows form around it! The features are so simple, anyone can learn how to use it just by playing around with it and exploring its functions. I never had to use the manual!

A great function I like is the Best Shot mode.
Now I have heard about this mode in reviews before but I
didnt know what they were talking about. So, a best shot mode is just one of the modes you can select to shoot. The others include Snapshot, Movie, Sound, and picture with sound. When you select the best shot mode, it gives you a list of pre prepared shooting styles that fit whatever situation u wish to capture. For example, if u select the portrait best shot mode, it will automatically turn on the flash and enhance flesh tones in the subject. The Night mode adds saturation to your image.

The zooming is "so/so", as in some images can be blurry, but I found I never really used this function much in my old cam.

The macro mode, which allows u to take up close pictures of items. I found this to be very useful when i captured an image of an old portrait. It was simply amazing, since i went to costco and developed that picture to be 8x10 when it originally was 4x6. it beat scanning the pic, and it was only 2 bucks to enlarge it. The 8x10 version of the old portrait looked as if it were the original and better!
I found this way of making antique photos larger is quicker and easier for me, since I do not have to take the time to scan, edit, save, and print the old picture.

I HIGHLY recommend you purchasing a memory card to go along with your cam. It only hold 9 mb of info initially. I bought a 512 mb sd memory card ($44.00 w/rebates at circuit city) and I am SO satisfied. In in lowest resolution, 640x480, it can hold 3000 pictures! WOW! and in its highest resolution it can hold around 300. GREAT! This is ideal for me since i will be traveling to europe and i WILL be taking many pictures.

Ever go traveling and ask someone to take a picture of u standing infront of a landmark or nice scenery and have it come out not quite how u wanted? Well your problems are solved withthe pre shot feature in the best shot mode! What you do is u select best shot mode and then "preshot" and then what u then do is take a picture of the place where u wish to be photographed (without u in it at the moment) and take a picture. What the camera will do is have an opaque(transparant-like) version of the pic u jus took set on the LCD screen, so that all the person taking the picture of you has to do is make sur eot try to match the picture u took, except now with YOU in it! that confusing? well, once u own this cam and see what i mean, u will find it very cool!

A feature the Z55 that caught my attention is the amazing battery life! It lasts forever, and just keeps going and going and going! THis is a great plus for me since i used to have to keep 4 rechargeable AA batteries constantly in a charger and putting 2 of them in my cam and wait 10 minutes for it to run out on me. That was very annoying and made me not want to use my camera! Now with this camera, u can take pictures without having to worry about rushing to save battery life before it runs out! It takes about 190 minutes for it to charge on the docking cradle, but it is SO worth it. If u have the money or budget, buy another battery so that once the other finally runs out, u willhave a spare one(since in order to charge the battery, u must place it in the camera).

In recording mode, you can snap away, since it is so fast! I used to have to wait about a minute on my old cam before i could take another picture! With this one u can take a picture, then take another one about 2 sec.s after that! it shows u a super quick preview of the image u just took after u take it.

in snapshot mode, without flash, it can take some blurry pictures, so have a steady hand!

At first glance, this camera really appears sleek and, for me, cute! Its a cute camera with pro features.

i am very very satisfied!

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Amount Paid (US$): 350
This Camera is a Good Choice if You Want Something... Solid Enough for a Professional

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