Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cedar Point, Ohio Reviews

Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cedar Point, Ohio

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Cedar Creek Mine Ride At Cedar Point. Another Oldie But Goodie.

Aug 17, 2011
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Pros:Short lines, lengthy ride, great ending, low height requirement, good for families.


The Bottom Line: The Cedar Creek Mine Ride has been around since 1969 but is a surprsingly smooth, enjoyable wooden roller coaster.  Short lines make it eligible for multiple trips through line.

The Cedar Creek Mine Ride at Cedar Point has been around since 1969.  It is one of the oldest rides still operating at Cedar Point.   The ride is located near the back of the park in the old west area of the park (at least it used to be a Frontier Town...the area has gotten updated quite a bit in recent years).

If you are looking for a good "family ride" that still manages to thrill, then the Cedar Creek Mine Ride fits the bill.  Each train has five cars with six riders per car.  It isn't too hard to keep a family together, although it may require a bit of timing if you are in a larger group.  The lines are generally short, making wait times tolerable and the ability to stay together in a group "doable."   By allowing the riders behind you to go first, if necessary, you can generally keep a group together on this ride.

The Cedar Creek Mine Ride is another classic wooden coaster.  While wooden coasters can often be rickety, this ride manages to be pretty smooth.  Having said that, the ride still manages to earn a Level Four (High Thrill) rating from the park.  The ride begins inside an old mine shaft and begins an immediate descent upon exiting the the building (and a quick turn).  The mine ride has the appearance of old mine cars strung together into a low-cut train.  The cars travel a couple of hills, over the lagoon and through a heart-pumping helix at the end of the track that earns the ride its rating. 

While the Cedar Creek Mine Ridehas a Level Four thrill rating, it is one that will accommodate riders who are tentative about roller coasters.  It is a fun ride, but doesn't have the violent twists that some wooden coasters features.  There are some turns with centrifugal force and a couple of smaller drops, but not much in the way of air time or rattling.  For a ride that has been around since 1969, the Mine Ride is smooth.  It is also one of the more generous rides regarding height requirements.  With a minimum height requirement of 48 inches, this ride is at the lower end of the height requirements in the park.  This makes it all the more appealing for families with children who like coasters.

The maximum height of the Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a paltry 55 feet, making it even shorter than the older Blue Streak.  However, the thrills don't come from the air time you will get from the Blue Streak, they come from the turns and the helix at the end of the ride, which is a great way to end a lengthy two minute excursion.  The track totals 2,540 feet in length with a maximum speed of 40 MPH.  Again, rather tame compared to the towering behemoths nearby.  But don't underestimate the fun you can have on this classic ride.

If you are visiting Cedar Point with riders who have just "graduated" to the big rides (in other words, they have finally hit 48 inches tall), then the Cedar Creek Mine Ride is a great way to introduce them to roller coasters.  While it is rated a four, like the Blue Streak, it is a little bit more tame.  Both rides are level four with a 48 inch height requirement.  If they like the mine ride, then they are ready to find out the joys of airtime on the Blue Streak.  Lines at the Mine Ride are seldom long, being passed by for the thrill rides (Skyhawk) and newest roller coaster (Maverick) which are nearby.  Great ride, short lines, generous height restriction.  What's not to like?  Four stars.

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