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Feb 18, 2013
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Stamps and colored stamp pads are useful for generating games, providing tokens of approval and creating themed materials.

Note: as with most of the items I review in this category the items are not toys, games, game pieces, game boards, game machines or game devices or Software or Office Supplies per se, rather these are classroom type materials developed by educators and intended for use with Early Childhood, and primary and older age Elementary students in a classroom or home school setting.

This product is an INK STAMP PAD

Center Enterprises™ Manufacturing Company Incorporated Red Stamp Pad measuring 3.5 X 2.25 inches, with hinged top lid, is one of the most used of all stamp pads in our Osage County First Grade classroom. 

Developed through use of safe inks to present an enjoyable, appealing instant bit of gratification for use in the Early Education field; stamp pads deliver that concrete authentication that work completed by Little Learner by way of worksheets and other reinforcement work tasks is correct, up to standard and important.

Students in the Early Education sphere do not yet grasp the import of letter grades; they simply want reassurance that what they are doing is right, and that teacher is pleased.  A bright red star, apple, or any other award type stamp figure brings that assurance.

Little Learners complete work assignments, carry their papers or task cards to daily teacher student conference and hope for the best;  I often hear, -did I do it right-.

Because washable inks will blot should moisture drop on them, and Little Learners often sneeze, have sweaty little hands and the like; I laminate many teacher made instructional and work materials including simple, lesson reinforcement file folder games.   I find laminating teacher made materials tends to make the materials more durable, and adds a bit of color brightness for the stamps used in making the materials.

Anything, including an attractive praise stamp placed in the right hand corner of the work page to specify that this page is done adequately and is something for Little Learners be proud for the doing, becomes tedious if the same token is placed on the right hand corner of every completed task or page. 

I use a diversity of large and small stamps as well as vari hued stamp pads.   Stars of course remain a universal symbol for work well done, however the occasional, wow and good job along with smile face, holiday theme, animals, and the like tend to perk up Osage County First Grade interest.

Child pleasing stamps and colored stamp pads in a diversity of attractive tints generated through harmless washable inks are effective for generating simple games and game pieces, providing tokens of approval and creating holiday and themed materials. 

Happy to recommend Center Enterprises™ Manufacturing Company Incorporated Red Stamp Pad





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