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Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

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Good Moisturizer, Outdated Ingredients

Oct 23, 2005
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Pros:None, except the greasy moisture it gives EXTREMELY DRY skins.

Cons: Unsafe ingredients, ugly packaging, beneficial skin pampering ingredients in it!

The Bottom Line: Not for those who truly want to love and care for their skin. There are so many awful ingredients in this that are way too numerous to list.

Like most of the ingredients in all the Cetaphil products, this cream has quite a long list of fillers, additives and overall bad stuff in it, as does the awful cleanser. Yes, granted, when I am peeling in sheets from my wonderful Jessner peels, it is handy to have this stuff around, as it doesn't irritate the skin further. My skin is oily to begin with and other than on the rare occasions when I get the peels, this just sits in my cabinet. I have never understood the hype and allure of the Cetaphil products. To me, they are just mediocre, plasticine filled products that have no modern, beneficial ingredients like AHAs and or collagen properties that REALLY do something for the skin, not just cleanse it or add moisture. I also believe that products with natural, botanical and fruit components are better for the skin. This cream doesn't contain any sunscreen to speak of, so obviously it should only be used at night. Even if I add just a little to my face, I am an oil slick within seconds of application, not so with my St. Ives, Estée Lauder or other beauty products.

Some of the awful ingredients in this very heavy cream are: purified water, glyceryl polymethacrylate, a fatty, oily emollient and thickening agent, propylene glycol which is a humectant or humidifying factor that has been reported to be the exact, same stuff they used in your car brake fluid or antifreeze, though to be fair, there are conflicting opinions about that, petrolatum which is really just plain old vaseline, dicaprylyl ether, peg-5 glyceryl stearate is an emollient and thickening agent, glycerin, a natural fatty lipid that helps to add moisture, dimethicone a silicate or derivitive of sillicon, cetyl alcohol believe it or not, a fatty alcohol used as a moisturizer and emulsifier,sweet almond oil (the only natural ingredient in this product)an emollient oil, tocopheryl acetate vitamin E, but not pure vitamin E, it is a factory made version of it, so its being natural doesn't count here, phenoxyethanol, a common cosmetic preservative, benzyl alcohol is one of the "danger" alcohols that appear in skin care products, it is a big skin irritant and can be extremely drying as well, disodium EDTA, EDTA stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid which is a cosmetics stabilizer which prevents ingredients in a formula from binding with harmful trace elements, acrylate crosspolymer is a film-forming agent, sodium hydroxide also known as lye, a highly alkaline ingredient used to modulate the PH factor of this product, and last but not least is the lactic acid which is extracted from milk and is a synthetic version of a milk acid, so this one doesn't really count either as a natural product, as the "lactic" milk acid is literally manufactured in the factory and then added to this horrible stuff.

All in all, I would only say that this cream is for those with extremely dry skin, but remember, this product has no sunscreen and won't do much to help your skin from the inside. There are so many unbelievably terrible ingredients in this that all that vaseline content and oils they add, won't help to balance the potentially very un skin friendly ingredients that make up this cream. This stuff, like its predecessor cleanser for sensitive skin is the bottom of the barrel as far as I am concerned when it comes to skin care. If you get something cheap, go with something that has some more natural and safer ingredients in it! Who wants brake fluid on their face, that belongs inside cars, not on people!

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