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Char-Griller Wrangler Wood

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Not an airtight case for this one...

Jun 20, 2006 (Updated Sep 24, 2006)
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Pros:Cast iron grills and adjustable height coal grate.

Cons:Leaky hood, clumsy ash pan, warped warming rack, poor fit and finish, rusting.

The Bottom Line: This is a cheapie import masquerading as an All-American product. Buy it for the price, but you'll have to live with the imperfections.

This is a charcoal grill that comes with cast iron grates and an adjustable height fire grate. You can purchase an additional smoker unit that attaches on the right hand side. Here are the specs:

- 435 sq. in grill with 200 sq. in. warming rack
- cast iron grates
- adjustable height coal grate
- temperature gauge
- one side shelf and one front shelf
- dumpable ash pan
- country of origin: China

This unit is advertised as having an airtight isn't. Air leaks from the back and sides of the hood. Fit and finish seem to be the culprit, with the top hood bowing out and the grill body bowing in on the sides. The 3-piece cast iron grates cook very well though, evenly distributing the heat. One of my grates was slightly warped on one end. This unit needs a lot of prep work though: the assembly is straightforward enough, but the entire grill inside needs to be "primed" with cooking oil and burnt off before first use. This is a bigger deal than you might think requiring you to protect surfaces below and use a rag to oil the hood, grill body and cooking grates. Even after burning off the oils for the recommended two hours(!), the unit may drip onto your deck or patio. If this hasn't put you off, just make sure to order this unit at least a few days before you really need to use it. The warming rack (which is not cast iron) warped enough to be visible after the first burn.

The adjustable height coal grate is a somewhat clunky with the handles having notches you need to lift onto tabs set into the grill body. Takes a bit of practice, but it does what it needs to. There is a chimney on this unit which is fitted from inside the hood which unfortunately allows water to leak into the unit. You will need a cover if you plan to leave it outside. The dumpable ash pan requires you to remove the three cast iron grates before being able to pull it out. It does a poor job of preventing ashes from dropping into the base of the grill body making clean-ups more frequent. The handles that allow you to lift the ash pan do not actually lock onto it which makes it a bit difficult to maneuver.

Bottom line, this is a cheaply-made BBQ that doesn't deliver much more than the competition. It cooks reasonably well for an oversized Hibachi, but it is a bit difficult to control the temperature. I suspect the leaky hood is responsible. Customer service was poor and unresponsive to fit and finish issues.

UPDATE 09/2006: Managed to seal leaky areas and hood with high heat silicone caulking (same stuff they make ustensils and bakeware with). Surface rust already showing up on hood.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 130

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