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CheckPoints App for iPhone and Android - Pays you to visit stores and scan products

Nov 29, 2011 (Updated Jan 3, 2012)
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Pros:fun to use, save money, earn gift cards

Cons:sometimes closes for no reason

The Bottom Line: checkpoints is one of the apps that I like to use to save money and earn points toward gift cards

Check Points is the second cell phone app that I have found that pays me to visit stores, and scan barcodes of products. There are also money savings coupons in the app and over all since I installed the app a couple weeks ago, I have saved about $20 on merchandise that I was going to purchase anyway, and earned about $20 in gift cards just for looking at things and going to stores like the grocery store that I go to several times a week anyway. I will say that these Apps have increased my enthusiasm to shop, but so far I do not think I personally am spending more. Inadvertently though it is paying off for the advertisers because often my husband comes with me, and he loves to shop!

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I am using this app on my Apple iPhone 4s with service by Sprint

Downloading the App and how well it performs

I have an Apple iPhone 4s so I downloaded my App from the App store. The App is completely free to download and use. Once I downloaded it to my phone it was ready to use. I did notice some issues with it randomly closing when I first got it, but there was an update and that seems to have stopped. Occasionally the app will close while I am using it and I have to open it again and start over but it is not usually a big deal. I am not sure if it is something I am doing that causes this to happen or a mini bug in the app. Like I said though, it has minimal problems and is a very usable App.

Collecting Points

Most Points: on the top of the Collect Tab is the "most points" tab which list stores where you can go and scan products. When you scan at stores you may also get coins that you can use in the games (more about games later)

Nearby Points: The next tab at the top is nearby points. As you are out and about you can get 2-10 points for checking in to stores on this list.

Easy Points: Easy Points consist of a variety of options including downloading apps for coins, watching videos for points, referring a friend, searching the internet, liking them on facebook and scanning your favorite products at home.


Popular: I am guessing that these are the most popular coupons available. I find some of the same coupons under national so I think it is just a sorting feature for the app

National: These are coupons for national chains regardless of their location. I have gotten some great deals in looking through these coupons. The best one that I found was at Payless shoes where I got 15% off some boots my daughter wanted. This was after taking advantage of their in store special of buy one get one free. We also found a coupon for Chilis for free chips and salsa.

Local: Local Coupons are for places near where ever you are. It will use the GPS in your phone to locate these coupons. Some of these might also be in the popular and national tab.

Points and Rewards at CheckPoints

To give you an idea of what points are worth. I have been using the app for about 2 weeks almost every day. I may use it more than a typical user, but we go to the store often. I have accumulated about 6000 points in that time. For 8100points I can get a $25 gift card to Amazon. This is probably the prize I will save for. You can redeem for as little as 300pts for a dollar at home depot.

Under rewards you will see different gift cards or prizes that you can earn. Some choices are:, Home Depot,, donations to charity, airline miles, Subway, Kohls, Walmart, and some items like iPad, netbook or galaxy tablet.

I have not yet ordered any rewards but when I do I will come back and comment on how this goes and the ease of the redemption process.

Update Dec 13th 2011: I redeemed my first reward the other day which was a gift card for $25 to I was sent a message when I redeemed that my account would be checked and I would get my card in a week. A couple days later I got a notice warning me that they found something on my account but did not indicate what it was. It said usually this is using the app to scan things away from the store. Since I didn't do this I wonder if it could be something they send everyone before giving them their first reward just to let them know they were checking up on you. Since the note was so vague and they still sent my reward moments after the warning email, I tend to think this might be just a deterrent. I would think if they thought I was actually cheating the system they would have just cancelled my account and not given me my reward.

At any rate it took only a couple days and I got an email with my code for Amazon which I used and that all went great, no problems. I guess I was a little put off by the warning letter but since I got my reward all is good. I would think if they wanted people to not be scanning at home with products they have in their cupboard then they would just not let the app scan when you are not at the address of the store. They have our location by the gps so this should not be so hard and I think the app can do that because I accidentally hit a scan at home tab by accident in the store one time and got a message saying I had to wait till I got home. Oh well alls well that ends well. Now I am on to get my next reward.


I really love the games in CheckPoints. With some actions in stores etc you will get coins to play the games. They only have two games at this time. One is a scratch off card and one is a slot machine complete with cool sound effects. Every time I go to the grocery store and Walmart I end up with about 25 coins plus the points I collected in the store. When I get home I love to run the coins through the slot machine and I usually win at least 5-10 times out of 25. Prizes I have won are 20 and 50 points but the app states that you can win up to 150,000 points. That would sure be exciting.


CheckPoints gives you several options under settings. Besides entering your personal info like your email or name and address you can look at your history, invite friends and a variety of other useful things.

My final first impression

I am really enjoying using the CheckPoints App. I love to get free stuff and the app is fun to use with interesting graphics and sounds as well. It is rather easy to figure out and use and for the most part is in proper working order.

My Favorite Apps

Snoopy's Street Fair
Words with Friends
Coin Dozer
The Sims FreePlay

Thanks for reading my review

I hope you enjoyed reading about Checkpoints and will try it out for yourself. If you have comments or questions please leave them in the comments section.



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