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Cheddars: Affordable Food, Tasty Portions!

Feb 13, 2009 (Updated Feb 20, 2009)
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Pros:Taste, Price, Service

Cons:Not vegan friendly.

The Bottom Line: Eat here and be fed well for a great price.

Why I Came

Well here I am again on the web offering my humble opinion.  Usually I will review a movie, video game, or a book.  However, I have decided to throw my hat into reviewing restaruants.  Now I had been hunting for a place that would allow me to have my steak and ribs at an affordable price and something my wife and son would enjoy too.  A friend of mine at work suggested I try Cheddars Casual Cafe as they had just opened up and he heard the barbeque ribs were really good.

What I Will Be Grading On
I have decided that I will bese my recview on the following criteria, Atmosphere, Service, Menu Selection, and Food.
Cheddars Casual Cafe offers a laid back place to dine but still gives you the feeling of dining out somewhere special.  They had some palm leaf shaped fans overhead that kep the room nice and cool.  The colors of the walls were a muted rust color and the tiles a choclate colored.  The tables and booths were cherry colored and while you waited you could take a look at the tropical fish.  My 5 year old son was really fond of the fish tank, and any place that can help distract this bundle of energy and impatience gets points from me.

We were greeted right away by our host who smiled and seemed genuinely enthusastic that we were visiting their restaraunt.  She took down our name, the number in our party, handed us a pager and told us that we would be seated in about 20 minutes.  I usually prepare myself for a longer wait than provided, but to my surprise we were sat in 10 minutes.  So the new eatery in town was already scoring big points in my book.
We were lead to our dining area and given our choice of a table or booth, not being forced to dine at one or the other.  This definately made me feel that they valued my business and that I was in control of my dining experience.  As we were handed our menus, we were told that our waiter would be with us shortly.
No more than 2 minutes passed and our waiter was taking our drink order.  I was pleased with this as everyone in my party was thirsty.  Another 5 minutes passed and he brought out our drinks, and asked politely if we were ready to order.  Because the menu was so diverse and everything sounded so great, we were only prepared to place our appetizer order.  He took down the information and returned 5 minutes later to see if we had made our selections, and we were ready to dine.
Our appetizer, salad, and entress all came out on time.  This was a pleasant change because some eateries in my home town will deliver the appetizer, salad and entree in one fell swoop which I think defeats the purpose of having an appetizer in the first place.  Cheddars Casual Cafe scored big again.  Our waiter also paid close attention and made sure that our glasses were never empty.  It was the kind of experience where you were getting ready to finish of the glass, looked down and a full glass welcomed you without ever noticing the waiter had been at the table.

Menu Selection and Food
Now when some places offer value, it has been my experience that they have a limited selection.  Cheddars Casual Cafe offered a variety of items at inexpensive prices.  Caution to the vegetarian crowd however, this is might not be your scene.  This restaruant offered lots of salads but other than that their other faire froom pasta to sandwiches were all in the carnivore meat family.

The choice of Apps were fantastic.  You could have artichoke spinach dip and chips with salsa. Chorizo and Queso and Salsa with chips.   The cheese sticks, onion rings, and loaded potato skins were there as well.  You could have an ample portion of each of these for right around $3.99 or a combination of the three for $6.99.  Other than these standard food offerings they were also offering a very nice nacho platter complete with steak, tomato, onion, sour cream, cheddar cheese and refried beans.  Let me just say I have been on more than once occasion, sampled all of these dishes and have determined that one could quite possibly dine on the appetizers alone and leave full and content! Great Flavor, great price.

Cheddars Casual Cafe offers a great selection of drinks.  You can have your cola, tea, coffee, or lemonade.  They even kick it up  a notch with the ability to have peach, raspberry or strawberry infused lemonade or tea.  Endless refills of any of these varieties will cost you $2.88 each.
For the more adventurous pallete the spirits are great too.  There are mudslides, marguerritas, daquerris and a concoction called the Cheddar's Pain Killer that is likened to a Pina Colada but you are limited to two per guest because of the potency of the drink.  The average cost of these spirts was $3.99 each.
You won't go thirsty in this joint!


You can have it all here at Cheddars Casual Cafe.  This restaurant offers salads, soups, steaks, ribs, chicken, burgers and sandwiches.
I had a homemade potato and cheese soup that wasn't out of this world but was nice.  I prefer my potato soup to be more on the starchy and thick side and this soup was more brothy.
As far as entress go I have had thier BLT, Baby Back Ribs and Sirloin Steak in one sitting and only pauid $17.00.  The ribs were fall of the bone tender and the sauce was sweet.  The sirloin was a little on the dry side but the seasoning was almost to perfection.

My wife has had the Spasagna as well as my son and they both brag
on it.  It is spaghetti meets lasagna.  Miles of cheese, meat sauche and spaghetti noodles baked to a golden perfection that has been reported too me as mmm! mmm! tastey.

So the food is better than average and affordable too!


This restaraunt deserves your attention.  It is better than a themed restaurant and for the price can't be beat!

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