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Mar 10, 2010 (Updated Mar 11, 2010)
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Pros:I really found no pros for this game

Cons:Slow and repetitive

The Bottom Line: Chicken Shoot is a very slow paced and repetitive game with poor graphics. I cannot recommend it.

My husband recently bought Chicken Shoot for Wii.

Chicken Shoot for Wii, like the name says, is a chicken shooting game. The game can be played with one or two players and is played with the Wii remote.

There are three game options: Arcade, Classic and Catch an Egg.

Both Arcade and Classic mode have the same goal - shoot the chickens.  In Arcade mode you move on to the next level when you reach the designated number of points. Classic mode is nearly the same except you are also racing against the clock. You can choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard levels. Using your Wii remote, center your gun target to shoot both still and moving animated chickens. The A button will load the gun, and the B button will fire. The graphics are simple and cartoon-like. You will find chickens in various activities such as flying through the air, hiding behind towers and sitting in chairs. The pace starts out rather slow, and unfortunately never picks up as you progress on to the next levels. Each level takes place in a different location such as the desert or near the water.  The background location may change in each level, but I quickly noticed that the animation of the chickens doesn't change at all.  I saw the same patterns of chickens flying through the air or walking on the ground regardless of the level. There is never a more challenging level of the game - only new locations.

Catch an Egg is more like a mini-game where the goal is catch as many eggs as possible. Eggs roll down a track and you must move the basket to catch the eggs by flicking the remote left or right, up or down. I found that the controls aren't too responsive and the game can be over in a matter of about a minute.

This game is rated E10+ for cartoon violence.  It is a chicken shooting game, so yes, shooting of cartoon chickens should be expected.

Our Experience with Chicken Shoot for Wii
My husband picked up Chicken Shoot for Wii a month ago on the spur of the moment from the bargain section. It was only $14.99, and I think that was too much. There is so little going on in this game and the pace is incredibly slow. Each level is just a repeat of the previous level with no additional challenge.  I watched my daughter play through several levels then she got too bored to want to continue. The same goes for my husband. After the first day no one has even had a desire to play Chicken Shoot and until I wrote this review today, the game case hasn't even been opened. I tried the game on the hard level and it was still so slow and dull that I had no patience to play for more than only a few minutes.

There is a reason the game was found in the bargain section. Chicken Shoot for Wii is just not worth it no matter what the price and I definitely cannot recommend it.

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