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A Waste of Money. Plain and Simple

Aug 29, 2010 (Updated Aug 29, 2010)
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Rated a Very Helpful Review the packaging looks sophisticated...

Cons:EXPENSIVE; I fell for its claims

The Bottom Line: I just don't see how this can actually work as it says it does.  If anything, the patrolatum traps bits and pieces from entering your nose, that's about it.

I have year-round allergies from pollen, dust, and the six cats that we live with.  There's never a day when I don't experience allergy symptoms.  Usually I just take an OTC antihistamine, but when I go to work, I don't want those drowsy effects I get from them.  I had started taking MSM for allergies late last winter, and I really do think that helped, but I still have my bad days with allergies.  While picking up groceries a couple of weeks ago at Winn-Dixie, I had to stop and browse the cart full of clearance items, just for fun.  I found something that I thought was worth trying, and now am a little sad I spend the money on it, but at least it wasn't a full-price splurge.  The item I purchased was Chloraseptic Allergen Block.

What it is
Chloraseptic Allergen Block comes in a tiny tube inside a large package.  The tube is only 2.75" long and holds 0.3g of the product.  The little tube has a screw-off cap so you can squeeze the product out of the small hole.  It's easy to dispense just how much you want.

This is how it works, according to the packaging:  " a topical gel containing petrolatum, glycerin, and other ingredients.  A patented formulation process creates a positively-charged gel which blocks negatively-charged allergens on contact."  When I first read this, I was just kind of confused.  How can they make a "positively-charged" gel?  But, since it stated it was drug free (so no drowsiness) and was half price, I decided to give it a try.

The gel itself looks like petroleum jelly, slightly opaque and a moderately-thick gel.  You're supposed to take just a small amount and rub it around your nostrils and on your upper lip before your allergy symptoms start and before you expect to be exposed to allergens.  That way, as you breathe in, allergens get trapped before entering your nose.  To me, it sounded a little too easy and simple to actually work.  It is supposed to work on all kinds of allergens like ragweed, dust, pollen, and pet dander.  It is said to protect for 4-6 hours, then you just reapply, and also to reapply if your nose gets wet or you touch or blow your nose.

My Usage Experiences
I tried it when I got home.  The gel spreads easily, but takes a little time to rub in.  You're supposed to keep rubbing it until it is dry to the touch.  It smells a little gross initially.  They don't add any fragrances, so whatever ingredients it is made of (like patrolatum) is what it smells like.  It isn't a strong odor, and doesn't last long at all, so it isn't a big deal.  It is just an initial, mild gross kind of dead smell.

Once it is dry, there is nothing smelled.  It didn't irritate my skin at all, though it did cause at least one pimple so far.  I know it's clogging my pores, so I expect some break-outs from using it.

As for how it worked, I'm thinking this is a mind-over-matter kind of product.  It says it works very simply, so if you believe it, it's likely to seem true.  At least that is how I see it.  I use it at night before bed, giving it enough time to dry before I hit the pillow.  I also use it before leaving the house in the morning to help keep pollen out of my nose.  I'd like to say it works, but I really have no proof or anything.  I mean, it seemed like I was sneezing less, but I can't say for sure it was due to the Chloraseptic Allergen Block.

Here another negative.  One tickle of my nose and my hand flies up to rub it.  That can wipe the product off.  A runny nose or sneeze results in a tissue on the nose, which wipes the product off.  It's so easy to wipe it off without even thinking about it, all those habitual things we do to our noses like wiping or scratching it will wipe the stuff off, even if it seems to be dry. 

My hubby says there's no way it can work as it says it does.  He says that when you apply this "positively-charged" gel to your body, your body essentially "uncharges" it thus rendering it neutral.  The human body is charged, so it reacts to other charged substances.  He says it is a total waste of money and a completely silly and worthless money scheme.  Whew, glad I didn't pay full price!

There are no ingredients listed on the tube or the packaging.  The only thing I know is it contains petrolatum (which I'm not a fan of using on my body) and glycerin.  What kind of product am I using that is too ashamed to list their ingredients?  What are they hiding?

Cost and Availability
Walmart sells Chloraseptic Allergen Block for a whopping $13.99 for this tiny tube.  The packaging states there are over 100 applications, but still, that's insane!  I luckily paid $6.99, but that is still awful knowing that this product isn't what it's all cracked up to be.

Overall Opinion
I won't purchase this again, even at nearly free.  I just don't see how it works and I certainly don't think it is worth fourteen bucks!  I see this as a rip-off and don't recommend it to anyone.  If someone out there has used it and has a different opinion, I'd love to know about it.  I usually don't bash a product this much, but this is kind of terrible in my opinion.  I'd recommend not wasting your money.

- Non-bleaching to skin and hair
- Safe for repeat application
- Drug free
- Made in the USA

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