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Fun Time to be had

Apr 12, 2009
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Pros:Great for kids 5-8 who do not want a large park.
Safe, Clean and upbeat.

Cons:Food service needs improvement
Need more signs for directions

The Bottom Line: A clean, nicely run operation for local trips and quick rainy day activities. A bit expensive but much less than something like Great Adventure.

A nice place to visit for the afternoon. We decided to have a local vacation at this park. We did not want to do something like great adventure, and wanted to keep it low key. There were two adults and two children under 7 in the party. We stayed at the hotel overnight and took the two day package. We got there at opening time on Friday which is 10 am. The park is set up attached to the hotel which is nice. When we got there, we had to check into the hotel, get an arm band then go to the park. The arm bands allow you to charge directly to the room so you don't need to worry about money in the resort. We were a bit disappointed we had to wait till 4pm to check in. That seemed a bit excessive.

We felt that the policy of not bringing food into the place was OK. But it did not appear to be enforced. As we saw lots of people with outside food at the park. We felt that if they only want you to purchase food and drink there, they need to do a MUCH better job of staffing the food vendor... It took us over a half hour in line to get some pizza for lunch. The prices were a bit high also.

They provide towels at the park but the towels they give out are smaller than useful. I suspect this is done to discourage people from taking them. It is not well advertised how to get the towels and we found out where to go only by watching other people get towels.

The park is built in sections, a small "baby" section, a "lazy river" section, a climbing section, a basketball section, a hot tub and slides. We found each section had something to offer. The only place which we had a problem with was the basket ball section as this was a bit wild for our children.

The large slide was 5 stories up and the only way to get to it was to carry an inner-tube up the stairs to the top. One of my children was not tall enough to go on the ride when she got up there but there was no way to know this until we got to the top. A measuring sign at the bottom would have been very helpful and have saved us the trip up.

The hot tub was too hot one day and stone cold the next day. Neither setting was enjoyable.

They have a "Lilly" pond to walk across. This was an excellent challenge for my children. It is essentially anchored floats with a rope across the top to hold on to while you walk across the "Lilly pads". Very nice... and very difficult for someone above 4 feet to do... much to my children's delight.

The instructions say that they did not want glass containers in the facility and this was one of the reasons for prohibiting outside food. I would be ok with this except that the bar at the facility served beer in glass bottles. This seems to be contradicting their policy.

We thought that the life guards were well trained [except for one who did not control the slides well and allowed things to get out of control]. The staff was helpful and cheerful.

The facility was very LOUD... very hard to talk in the facility when the operation gets into full swing. I think they could have done much more acoustical work to reduce this problem. This was clearly not considered when they designed the place.

The hotel deal was less than great. The room had all the needed things but the rooms looked very GENERIC and OLD. Internet was free [despite the literature which stated it was $10 extra] and the speed was enough to watch an on-line Dora movie to avoid the paid TV fee. We tried to upgrade the room but were repeatedly told we could not get the package fee with an upgrade. One of the sheets was dirty and we had to have house keeping come and redo the beds... which was done quickly and cheerfully.

The food service at the hotel was very slow and the food quality was just OK. We thought the price for the food was a bit high -- not excessively so, but a bit high.

Overall we had a good time, the kids came home very tired and we had lots of fun there. Be warned, if you want to take pictures, bring a water proof camera as there is no way to keep a camera dry in this environment. We have a water proof camera but noticed lots of people with cameras that were taken out then quickly put away and not used because of fear of them getting damaged.

There is a game room attached to this operation. We did not go in there and have no opinion of that room. Walking by, it seemed very popular with older children and seemed to have an operation where you get tickets to redeem for prizes.

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