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Claber 8599 Double Faucet Connector (088243085992)

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Garden: Claber Double Faucet Y Connector

Mar 13, 2010
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Pros:moves water from spigot to where it is needed in the yard


The Bottom Line: Crafted of ABS, thermoplastic polymer which is soft when heated and becomes hardened as it cools.

Claber 8599 Double Faucet Connector - adapts one outdoor faucet into two self-regulating outlets to be used with quick-click hose end devices. 

I think over the years I must have tried one of nearly every hose connector I have seen offered. 

Crafted of ABS, thermoplastic polymer which is soft when heated and becomes hardened as it cools. Poly construction is UV stabilized and weatherproof to provide durability and resistance to light and weathering.

Each outlet having shut-off control capability includes faucet connector as well as threaded, male hose connection ability.  Separate shutoff control knob is a circular with bar type device, which are not difficult to turn, however, as with most plastics, wearing does take place rendering diminishing of the on/off capability with increase to on and some leaking capability.

While Double Faucet Connector is designed to work with other quick-click systems; I find they do not work well with all types offered by various production companies.  As with all plastic to metal devices I have found there to be some problem with drip, in addition to difficulty inserting some connection devices into the female coupling apparatus.

Converting a single spigot into duo outlets can be accomplished by attaching hose directly to the threaded portion of the connector; however, as with most threaded plastic products danger for stripping the threading seems to be a tad more common. 

Claber's Y connector states that it is safe for usage with outdoor temperatures of up to 140 degrees and water temperature ranging from 32 degrees to 120 degrees; living as I do in an area where daytime temps are not too often in the three digit range I do not particularly have concern about the upper temps; on the other hand, winters here in the middle of the continent do tend to frequently dip well below 32 degrees.  I remove most if not all connection devices as winter approaches and put them away for use when spring returns.

Claber's Double Faucet poly Y, 2 Hose Shut Off apparatus is one of the assorted brands of spigot/hose diverter connection type devices I have used to provide water to all parts of my yard during the past several years.

All Y type, 2 hose Shut Off/diverters, including this poly device manufactured by Claber, are first-rate for putting together a functional, if not pretty watering organization for my acre of -yard- which, when we moved to the property, was outfitted with a solitary outdoor valve placed on a pipe extending into the rear wall of the house.  All diverters move water through water hose from one point to another in the yard; with performance judged pretty much on an individual basis.   I have yet to locate the absolute perfect one.

I have begun to come to the conclusion that while poly connection devices generally work pretty well for a season or maybe two, most tend to crack, craze, or threads become stripped;  I am weeding out all plastic or other non metal devices and am replacing with brass and zinc. 

Despite my own reservations regarding poly materials; for consumers who have had good results with plastics, I can recommend Claber 8599 Double Faucet Connector.



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molly martin

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