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May 10, 2008
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Pros:works fast, disolves without a drink, 24 hour relief, light taste, ages 6+

Cons:more expensive than some other choices on the market

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend Claritin reditabs for any allergy sufferer who is looking for a medication that gives quick acting and long lasting relief!

I have used many different allergy products over the last 10 years. Unfortunately I have horrible allergies in the spring time and the fall. When the pollen count rises I am in trouble, and when the leaves begin to fall, I start to fall apart! I've been on prescription medications and taken many over-the-counter remedies as well. I will try almost anything to find something that gives me quick relief. While most all of the medications I have tried work, I look for the best of the best. I want a good med, at a great price.

I recently came across the Claritin Reditabs and wanted to see what they were all about. I had tried the regular Claritin tablets, and my children have taken the liquid form as needed, too. Claritin products have always been high quality, so I expected good things from the Reditabs.

Claritin Reditabs 24 Hour Allergy & Congestion, 10 Tablet


The Claritin Reditabs come in a small box, that is mostly blue in color. The box is made to resemble a clear sky. On the front of the box it says...

Original Prescription Strength
Claritin Reditabs
Loratadine 10mg/antihistamine

24 hour relief of:
*Runny Nose
*Itchy, Watery eyes
*Itchy Throat or Nose

No Water needed, Melts in Your Mouth

10 orally disintegrating tablets

Pretty informative for just the front label! On the back label it shows the drug facts, uses, warnings and directions for use. It also has a phone number for you to call with comments or questions. On the back it says that you can use this for children over 6 years old which is great! I usually have to buy my boys seperate allergy medication, but they can use this product too! You only take 1 tablet a day for 24 hour relief, thats great for a person like me who sometimes forgets to take medications.


When you open your box of Claritin Reditabs, you will see the foil packaging that the tablets are stored in. All 10 tablet come on one sheet, but the sheet is perferated, so you can tear apart and put some in your purse to carry with you and leave some at home. On the back of the foil is paper, and when you are ready to take your tablet you just peel the paper away. This is such a simple process, so keep out of reach of children.

When you get your tablet out of the packaging and look at it, you will see that it is white in color and round in shape. Imprinted on the front of the tab, is "C10". When you feel the tablet you will notice that it doesn't feel...solid. It is very light. If you rub it between your fingers it feels like styrofoam or paper, and it gives a little when you squeeze it.

When you put it in your mouth, just place it on your tounge, close your mouth and touch your tounge to the top of your mouth. Its gone! The tab disolves within less than 10 seconds! There is very little flavor to the tab, just a hint of mint. There is no need for a drink to take this medication, which is great when you need relief fast or are on the go.

The relief starts within about a half hour or even less. I have been using them because I used a new face wash that I had an allergic reaction to. My face itched and burned so badly, I just wanted to tear my skin off! But after taking this, I noticed some relief within about 20 minutes, and full relief soon after. This allergy medication is good for indoor and outdoor allergies as well as allergic reactions to different things, and hives. It works great in all instances.


Claritin Reditabs can be found at most stores that carry other claritin products. You can find them with the other allergy medications in the pharmacy department. Claritin Reditabs come in 5,10,30 count boxes. Prices will vary depending on where you purchase from and the count of tablets you choose. They even sell the 5 count box at the Dollar General Store up the street from where I live, I believe that they cost about $5.

My opinion

I highly recommend the Claritin Reditabs. They are easy to take with little flavor and work well, and fast! I like that you don't have to take them with a drink, they disolve fast in your mouth. This is the perfect allergy medicine to carry with you in your purse or leave in your car. The only down side to this medication is that it costs more than some comparable meds on the market. But the convienence of the reditabs helps to make up for the price. If you suffer from allergies of any kind, the Claritin Reditabs are right for you.

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