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Clavamox is very effective

Nov 6, 2008
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Pros:Liquid, effective

Cons:Must be refrigerated, pets hate the taste

The Bottom Line: Clavamox has been widely used for years. The cost is reasonable, and it is safe. It's reasonably easy to administer, being a liquid, and very effective.

I've used Clavamox liquid many times for cats, puppies, kittens. It rarely fails to cure what ails (bacterial infections).  It's a broad spectrum antibiotic -- actually a combination of two antibiotics: clavulanate potassium and amoxicillin. It is very effective at treating a wide range of illnesses or injuries.

  Clavamox has a bubble gum flavor which cats don't like at all!  I don't understand why they chose this flavoring, instead of chicken or something, since this medication is made specifically for cats and dogs.  People use Clavamox, too, but the prescription for people contains more clavulanate potassium which causes problems for cats. So! You'd think they'd make it in a flavor a cat or dog might not mind!

It comes as a powder and you (or the vet) mix it with 14ml of water and shake. It MUST be refrigerated and used within 10 days. Never save it.  It comes with a child proof cap, and also has another cap with attached eye dropper. My vet gave me a small oral syringe to administer the medicine instead of the eye dropper, and it does seem to be easier to use the syringe.

I am currently using it again, for one of my cats. My cat became very lethargic with a fever of 105.8!  I rushed him to the vet, and $357. later brought him home with Clavamox for two weeks. No answers as to what is wrong. It seems he most likely has either a deadly disease called FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), or he has a "fever of undetermined origin".

He's been on the Clavamox for about 1 week now and is doing very well, so it is probably not the deadly FIP, thank GOD! 
After a couple of days on the Clavamox, his fever went down and he started playing again! Really a great and quick rebound from an almost 106 degree fever and very dehydrated -- a cat's normal temperature is about 101 degrees.  It's important for him to continue the medication until it is all finished, so that all the bacteria is killed.

Giving him the medication, twice a day, has not been the bright spot of my days. He is a pretty agreeable cat, and loves attention, so thankfully he is not holding it against me too much. He hates it though.  He's a big boy -- 14 lbs, no fat. So it can be difficult to get him in a good position. It seems he is either backing away from me, twisting his head around, or moving forward.

The best way is to wrap him in a towel, so that all 4 legs are wrapped and only his head is out. Then place him with his back end towards your body -- you might even sit on the floor and hold him that way between your legs. Make sure you have him immobilized as well as possible, or you'll end up with Clavamox everywhere but in his mouth!  You put the syringe in the side of his mouth and SLOWLY push the plunger.
Remember he is not cooperating, so you push the plunger slowly so you don't end up shooting a bunch of liquid down his windpipe -- that could choke him or cause pneumonia.
A similar method would work well for a young puppy or small dog.

If your cat or dog is eating well you can often mix the Clavamox into some tuna, broth or canned food. My cat was barely eating so the syringe was necessary. If you hide it in your pet's food, you must be sure no other cat or dog can get to it, and make sure to only give a little food so you know for sure he will get all the medicine.

I'd much prefer giving a liquid medicine to a cat than pill.It is better for young puppies too. Adult dogs are usually easy to pill. This is a commonly prescribed medication, and the cost is not as bad as some medications I've had to give my animals, but it's not cheap. I had to buy two boxes for my cat, and together the two were about $33.

Diarrhea is the most common side effect. But for the most part, if your vet prescribes Clavamox, you can feel confident and comfortable giving it.

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