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Make Skimpy Lashes Fuller

Sep 23, 2000
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Pros:perfect brush for thin, short lashes

Cons:a bit expensive

I have been told that my eyes are my best features. People who say this must mean my eye color (a sort of teal-gray) because my lashes certainly leave something to be desired. Not only are my lashes blond when not wearing mascara, but also they are about as short and skimpy as they come. Even wearing super thick mascara, you can hardly tell that I have eyelashes (I wear glasses so my eyelashes are hard to see).

About 5 or 6 years ago, a friend who had beautiful long, thick dark eyelashes gave me a tube of Cliniqueís Supermascara. She hardly ever had to wear mascara. She didnít like Supermascara because the brush was too small. It didnít cover her lustrous lashes easily enough. Lucky me that she thought my microscopic lashes might be better suited to Supermascara.

Supermascara has a very thin, tiny, straight brush. It isnít the one that is pictured above this review. With short lashes, one of the problems with buying mascara is that the brushes are all too big causing mascara to get on your eyelids and making you look like you canít apply make up. I find that curved brushes that are really thick tend to do this more. The Supermascara brush makes it easy to apply mascara to skimpy eyelashes without getting any smudges on your eyelids.

The brush also prevents clumping without sacrificing the appearance of fuller eyelashes. So many of the mascaras claiming to make your lashes fuller just do so because they are very thick and tend to clump your eyelashes together. Not Supermascara. Supermascara comes in two colors, black and brown. I have used both on my eyelashes. The mascara isnít very thick, but it provides a rich, deep color that makes your lashes appear thicker. It goes on smoothly. The tiny brush makes it easy for me to cover both sides of my eyelashes without clumps and without smudges. It doesnít make my eyelashes appear longer (I really donít see how anything could do that), but the rich color does make my skimpy blond lashes show up under my glasses. When I wear Supermascara you can see that I do indeed have eyelashes.

Another good thing about this mascara is that it is washable by soap and water. You donít need any fancy make up remover to take Supermascara off your eyes. However, Supermascara doesnít smudge when you wear it or if you cry or get wet. I find this to be one of its greatest features. It is safe for contact wearers. It is hypoallergenic and doesnít irritate the eyes. I have very sensitive eyes because I have allergies. Nothing is more annoying than having a hay-fever attack and my eyes watering causing my mascara to run which irritates my eyes more causing my eyes to water more and my mascara to be completely rubbed off. Supermascara is perfect for people with contacts or sensitive eyes. It wonít cause more problems with already irritated eyes.

The only downside to Supermascara is the price. It costs about $11-13. For a tube of mascara that is a lot. However, if you have miniscule lashes or sensitive eyes, the price is worth it. A tube of Supermascara lasts about a year. You donít have to pile it on thick to make it show up. Also, you can usually get a tube of mascara when Clinique is having on of their free gift give aways. I have done that and ended up with a lot of good make up samples that went on to be some of my favorite colors and products. Think about it, $12 for Supermascara is only one dollar a month that you spend on beautifying your eyes. With Supermascara, your eyes can be your best features even with skimpy short eyelashes like mine.

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