Clr Outdoor Furniture Cleaner, 26oz (OF26) Reviews
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Clr Outdoor Furniture Cleaner, 26oz (OF26)

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Clr Outdoor Furniture Cleaner, 26oz.

Nov 14, 2010 (Updated Nov 20, 2010)
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Pros:Great cleaner for your outside furniture and other landscaping stuff.

Cons:I haven't found any yet.

The Bottom Line: You can go from outside to inside with this product. Example the bottom facuet of your water heater. This stuff will make it sparkle.

Every Fall if your like me you have stuff around your flowerbeds, decks, patios. Before I store anything back into my shed for the Winter, like my deck chair padded seats I clean them off with my CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner.

This product is great to spray on your cushioned seat covers and takes away all the elements that the seasons have put on them. Those mangy dirt marks, gone. I will say that sometimes you have to clean them twice. My problems though is my patio is under two 100 year old English Black Walnut trees and I get leaf imprints on my cushions and this cleaner takes them right off. This spray does carry is soft odor but it can harm you if you breath too much in.

I clean my patio glass table top with this cleaner and my wrought iron chairs that encircle my table, then I turn around and do my North Carolina wooden beach chairs and ottomans. I do wear rubber gloves when I use this CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner just as a precaution of skin irratations. When you spray this clear dark blue formula, you automatically see the top coating of the dirt trickle down and as you wipe the rest of the dirt comes off. My way of doing things is when I use a main chemical cleaner like this, I have a bucket of Dawn sudsy antibacterial soap to complete the cleaning process, This way it takes all the chemical cleaner off on my cushions and tabletop.

With my wrought Iron chairs, bird feeder stands I do this every other year depending on weather and usage. I clean them all and then have about four or five cans of glossy black paint and spray paint all the furniture and feeders to making them look brand new when I pull them back out in the Spring. They claim it's usable on Wicker Furniture, the only thing that I have wicker in is a storage stand in the middle of my chairs that I have aromatic candles in or insect repellent. The stand does turn different colors by the end of the season and is a mold trap for bacterias that after I spray it clean and use the soapy water it looks great but before I put it away I spray white paint on it to spruce it up for the following season.

If you have a outdoor drop freezer like I do, this will clean it with no problem with the paint or the rubber sealants around the top door of the freezer. There are just too many things you can use this for outside or as I found in your basement or inside your home.

This product does contain some safety rules for which I will put the OSHA Standard Safety Sheet on the bottom of this review. CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner contains: Water at 93%, Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate at 3-5%, Gluconic Acid at 1-2%, Methanol at 0.50%. Methanol is a OSHA Hazard material, causing respirtory problems if you inhale it purposely, a skin irratant if you profusely spray on yourself. If accidently sprayed in the eyes wash them out with cool to warm water.

Overall, If you use this product, you will get excited about cleaning your outdoor furniture for parties or just everyday life. I would suggest my soapy water theory when cleaning your cushions.

Thanks for reading !!

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