Coastal Harness Comfort Wrap 10 16 In Reviews

Coastal Harness Comfort Wrap 10 16 In

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Comfortable Dog Harness

Jun 4, 2012
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Pros:Easy to get on and off, adjusts fairly easily, didn't choke Abby

Cons:Could not use it as a tie out, Abby always got out of the harness

The Bottom Line: A nice way to harness a dog for a walk, but Abby needed to be supervised or she could get out of the harness

There is a leash law within our municipality, and dogs have to be either tied out or on a leash.  I often tied our Silky Terrier outside when I was working in the yard because she hated to be left inside.  However, only our back yard was fenced and so when I was working in the front yard I'd have to tie her out.

I don't like putting a collar on a dog, never have.  A dog I had as a child had an injury relating to a dog collar and since that time I have only put harnesses on dogs that I have owned.

When choosing a harness, I wanted one that was easy to get on, but not so easy for our dog to slip out of.  The Coastal Harness Comfort Wrap looked like the perfect solution.  To put this on our dog we only had to slip her feet through two large holes, snap the clip together at the top of her back (where the straps met), and connect our tie out cable to the D rings on the harness.

Getting this on Abby was always easy, but no matter how tight I made the harness, she always found a way to wiggle out of it.  More than once did I find the empty harness laying on the ground and Abby out in the road!

The straps are made of a woven fabric that is thick and sturdy, and the plastic clip is also very durable.  There are adjustable slides that allow you to custom fit the harness to your pet, but these were hard to adjust when the harness was on Abby due to her long, silky coat of fur.  It was best to adjust it, try it on, adjust it, try it on, etc. until the proper fit was found.

We had this harness for several years, and it held up fairly well, but the material under the slide buckle did start to fray a bit ... however it never affected the harness. 

This harness really came in handy when we went out camping in our motorhome.  It was so quick and easy to get on Abby, and on cold days we were able to make the harness large enough that it could fit over the polar fleece coats I hand made for Abby.

To conclude, I really liked this harness for taking Abby for a walk.  It didn't hurt her neck like a collar and it didn't seem to dig into her skin at all.  The one thing I could not do was tie her out in the yard while wearing this harness, she always managed to wiggle out of it.

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