Coby clip on MP3 player: best dollar for dollar player?

Dec 2, 2007 (Updated Dec 2, 2007)
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Pros:Very small, good transfer speed when loading.

Cons:Feels like it's not going to be a long lasting item, no display screen.

The Bottom Line: It has practically no size and weight but will hold 10 to 15 full CDs. What more can you want for $20???

Some families have pets, some have cars, and some have kids. We have devices, so when I shopping for yet another MP3 player (my third this year!) I had two main criteria in mind: size and price. Of course capacity also played into the decision but the use I had in mind for this player dictated that price and ease of use would trump capacity this time, plus this thing had to be truly portable.

The Coby clip MP3 player is exactly what it says in that it will clip on your clothes, the arm of your glasses, or anything else that's about the thickness of a t-shirt collar. It's no thicker than a cigarette lighter and could easily sat on a 50 cent piece. That's small!

Batteries: I get a charge out of 'em!
Inside the MP-C582 is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. You can't replace the battery when it goes bad in the future (or at least I can't find an access door) but by the time it goes bad this player should be obsolete anyway so I'm not that worried about it.

Coby's instructions recommend that I charge the player by plugging it into the USB port on my PC for three or four hours. That should give me around five hours of play time. I'd say those numbers are close to what I actually get now while the battery is new...I wonder how long I'll keep such a good ratio but I'm willing to keep using it to find out.

I have been sort of cheating on my charging. The port on the player is the same as the one on my Motorola Razr V3M so I've been using the same charger for both. I know there is some reason I shouldn't do that (nothing is that easy) but it's working for now so I've been running with it.

Connect to the PC
USB 2.0 technology is the method of connectivity with the PC. It has a small USB port on the player and comes with an adapter to switch this over the a regular USB like the ones on the front of my PC. This adapter is about the size of a housekey and fits nice and snug in both the player and PC tower.

I operate Windows Vista which picked the player right up as a removable drive like a jump drive or something. No software to install and no hoops to jump through. An easier connection could not be made.

Speedy transfer
Getting music on this player took me about 10 minutes from plug in to pull out. I was able to push in a grand total of around 165 files but your results may very depending on whether you use MP3 or WMA (it plays both) and the file quality. I use CD quality MP3 files.

Ease of use
There are only four buttons on the whole player so getting started is no problem. The big play/pause button is pretty self explanatory.

The button labeled "+" can be tapped to advance a track or hold down to increase headphone volume. With that said I bet you can guess what "-" does without my help, right?

The slider on the side of the player is the fourth "button". In the position with a picture of a loop it plays each song in order. In the position labeled with an "X" you get a random song order.

Sound quality
I'm using this to replace a Sony portable CD player and I don't notice any difference in the sound quality. Even with the included earbuds (which are just like the ones at the $1 store) you can hear the music as clearly as I ever did off of traditional CDs and maybe even a little better than my ZEN Nano player.

The max volume is plenty even with the bargain big earbuds...loud enough to damage hearing so for your sake (and to reduce annoyance of those around you) don't go around with this cranked to the max! It's loud enough to be heard clearly on a crowded bus without turning it up all the way. Too bad there is no visual indication of the volume level you've selected.

A downside
Anything this small and easy has to give up something or it'd be the hottest thing going. In the case of the Coby you sacrafice a display screen. What track is playing now? Next? Last? What time is it? None of that is available. No FM tuner is included's preloaded music or nothing with this player.

I picked this up at Toys 'R' Us for $20 and it's worth that price. It feels like a good hard drop would break it but that seems to be the case with most electronics I buy these days. Learning to use it was easy even without the instructions and keeping it charged has been no problem, especially since I can use my Razr car charger for it on really long trips.

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