Coleman Northstar Battery Operated Flourescent Lantern

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Coleman NorthStar® Lantern With Nightlight Model No. 5359M701 - I want my Night Light, Please!!!

Jun 15, 2006 (Updated Jul 14, 2006)
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Pros:No fuel required.


The Bottom Line: The best and safest lantern that you should buy.

Coleman NorthStar® Lantern With Nightlight Model No. 5359M701

Manufacturer Details

• U-shaped fluorescent tube provides maximum brightness and stays cool to the touch
• Built-in nightlight
• Powered by 8 D-cell batteries (batteries aren’t included, but we recommend you use alkaline)
• Patented "no tools" tube replacement
• Lantern runs up to 25 hours on a single set of batteries, nightlight runs for more than 100 hours


I got this some years ago for when me and my brother went camping since he was found of the dark because of the critters that were around during the night. (Which is somewhat funny since he was a Boy Scout.) It has been very useful during the various camping adventures.

Why Coleman

The first thing that comes to mind to why I got is because it is a well known brand with a reputation for excellent products. Plus with my personal experience while growing up since a child have used various Coleman products with my dad and friends of the family with no quality issues ... their merchandise simply just outperforms others in durability and the length of time which the continue to function. Personally the all Coleman items that I have used when they do break down it is because someone failed to perform proper maintenance or simply because a part needs to be replaced.

Replacement Parts & Cost

Part #~~~~~~~~~~Description~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Price
5357-129~~~~~~~~12V NL BULB~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$0.50
5359-130C~~~~~~~13W U-TUBE BULB~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$9.00
5359-131~~~~~~~~HANDLE/TOP ASSBLY /NRTSTR~~~~~$1.61
5359-132~~~~~~~~NIGHTLIGHT CAP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$0.21
5359-134~~~~~~~~ROTARY SWITCH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~$2.58
5359-135~~~~~~~~8D CELL BATT CTRDG~~~~~~~~~~~~$1.50

How We Used It & Why

Predominantly the Coleman NorthStar® Lantern With Nightlight Model No. 5359M701 was used for as a night light which we suspended from the ring in the center of the tent using a Coleman clip hooking through the ring and lantern handle. The reason for running the night light was in case something got into the tent (such as a scorpion or a rattlesnake which the area was well known for) henceforth we could see if we were awakened by the feeling of something crawling or slithering around either one of us. The night light bulb is a incandescent. Plus it made it easier to see the switch to turn on the fluorescent light in case of something invading the tent or simply waking up and needing to leave the tent for fresh air or walking to bathroom in the campgrounds.

The fluorescent light was useful when needing to read a recipe to make some dessert over the campfire. Plus it was handy while measuring and mixing the ingredients for the dessert.

Plus we are safety conscious and know that it is safer for how we were going to be using it to go battery powered because if a gust of wind occurred it (or any other mishap) could have caused a fire in the tent by using a traditional lantern which uses fuel.


I was more than impressed with the longevity of the batteries especially since we were in hot and humid conditions which usually drains the batteries power (shortening the lifespan), and what I mean by this is that unless you have bad batteries the Coleman NorthStar® Lantern With Nightlight Model No. 5359M701 should last as projected (25 hours on a single set of batteries, nightlight runs for more than 100 hours). In our case of use from this trip with the little bit of use of the lantern and mainly the night light it should run for approximately 90-100 hours.

The construction appears as though it should last for years to come to final thought on this product I would not recommend buying a generic lantern of any type.

Contacting Coleman

Coleman Consumer Service
1892 Paysphere Circle
Chicago, IL 60674

Toll Free 1-800-835-3278

Thanks for reading! And may your camping adventures be safe.

Copyright 6/15/2006 © : May reference with Link credited above and below citation. Thank you.

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