Colgate Mattress Total Toothpaste Plus Whitening Paste 6 Ounces (A573408) Reviews
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Colgate Mattress Total Toothpaste Plus Whitening Paste 6 Ounces (A573408)

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Colgate Total Whitening Paste: Your Teeth Are Your Friends

Jan 7, 2011
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Pros:Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath, Good for sensitive teeth, Available Everywhere

Cons:A bit expensive, Looks eerily like drywall spackle

The Bottom Line: Colgate Total is an effective toothpaste, that keeps your pearly whites happy.

Toothpaste was invented in West Virginia, hence the name. It would be "teethpaste," if discovered somewhere else. All kidding aside, as I love West Virginia and its several million residents, it is imperative to take care of your teeth. A prime example of someone who didn't brush often, was the second mountain man in the movie "Deliverance." When he laughs when Ned Beatty is standing there in his "tighty whities," you don't see much in his mouth. Years of drinking coffee, chewing on tobacco, and not taking the time to brush had quite an effect on his pearly whites. He certainly didn't "have a pretty mouth."

This past year I had a tooth yanked, and thankfully its in the rear, where no one besides my dentist can see that its missing. It was my first cavity ever, and it was a devastating moment, to realize that "Steve Martin" from "Little Shop of Horrors" would have to apply cruel methods to take it out. This reminder of what could happen was shocking, as when I saw the tooth and what an actual cavity looked like, it was sort of an "a ha" moment. Cavities are not pretty my friends. In fact, although I do have a strong stomach, it made me feel a bit queasy just looking at it. The past year there have been some improvements, including avoiding those dollar store brands, that may or may not be the best thing for oral hygiene.

Colgate Total isn't cheap, as a six ounce tube is easily going to cost around $4. Yet I do believe that its worth its weight in gold, because a recent visit to the dentist showed no additional cavities, and better looking chompers. The dental assistant didn't give me as much "drama" about cleaning them, and I have to say that this product does make your teeth shine just a bit more than other ones out there. It is certainly effective against coffee and tobacco stains, along with other foods that aren't going to earn you any bonus points. My teeth are "structurally sound," according to my dentist, and he gave his approval to this product when asked what was being used.

The tube itself is fairly modern looking, with a big top that is easy to open and close. It looks a bit like a white ICBM, with the bright red "Colgate" and golden "Total" on the package. For marketing purposes, you cannot miss it in the tooth fairy aisle. What I like about it most, aside from its cleaning ability, is that it doesn't have an overwhelming flavor. Some pastes will have your face contort in all kinds of uncomfortable positions, but this one has a mild minty flavor, that is barely detectable. Its very "reserved" on flavor, which is appreciated, but at the same time it does keep that darned gingivitis and dragon breath far, far away. Coffee breath, we all know, is not exactly something that's going to get you a meeting with the chairman of the board, at least at a close distance. This one will eliminate that problem, and allow you to not be a menace in a conference room.

I usually brush three times a day, but the package states brush twice. There have been no problems, other than still being bald and ugly, but my teeth are not. If you have sensitive teeth, which I will admit to, you'll find this paste to be very gentle on them. The only thing I really don't like about this product, is that the paste is white in color. It looks like what you'd use to Spackle a wall. Thankfully it really is toothpaste, and the main ingredients are sodium fluoride .024% (anti-cavity), and Triclosan 0.30%(anti-gingivitis). All you need is enough to cover your brush, and with a quick washing, there's no residue or marks in the sink that irritate your spouse.

This is a fine product, as it does what it promises to do. You will certainly have gleaming teeth, and its helped keep further cavities from occuring. I like how its gentle, and that it doesn't have an overwhelming taste, which allows me to recommend it to anyone. Since it doesn't adhere as well as spackle, I would avoid using it on drywall, but for teeth it is above average. This is for adults, or those of us at that age, but for those under six you'll want to check with your dentist first. Hopefully, they won't charge you a co-pay just for asking a question. You can find this at any drugstore, and since my dentist nodded his head in reference to this, he also approves of it as well. A good product, it keeps your teeth clean and breath smelling with similar results.

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