Colgate Palmolive Total Clean Mint Toothpaste: Family Size 6oz (035000740038) Reviews
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Colgate Palmolive Total Clean Mint Toothpaste: Family Size 6oz (035000740038)

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The Good and Bad about Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste

Feb 3, 2008
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Pros:fresh mint taste, teeth feel clean, fluoride protection

Cons:toothpaste cakes around the cap, doesn't always dissolve

The Bottom Line: There are pros and cons to this Colgate toothpaste. For me, the cons outweigh the pros.

When I purchased my Sonicare Electronic Toothbrush, I learned that I could not use all toothpastes with it. So out went my old toothpaste, and the search began for a new one. That is why I tried Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste.


This is a typical white fluoride toothpaste that comes in a 6-ounce tube. The tube is about 8" long, and the cap has a flip-top opening. Colgate advertises this as toothpaste that fights tartar build-up, and one that helps o prevent gingivitis, plaque and cavities. This toothpaste is for adults and children who are over six years of age.

My Experiences

I am disappointed with this toothpaste. From what I can determine, it does everything it should … but there is a huge drawback. The white toothpaste doesn't take long to cake the flip-top opening of the tube. Right now, the tube has about three-quarters of the tube remaining to be used, and I'm having trouble squeezing the toothpaste from it. The toothpaste is not only caked around the cap, but it has "glued" itself inside the cap. Every morning it is more difficult to squeeze the toothpaste from the tube. Cleaning the opening only temporarily helps since the toothpaste cakes right up again. I hate arm-wrestling with toothpaste when I'm in a rush to get going in the morning.

On the bright side, I find a small amount of this toothpaste goes a long way. It foams up a bit, but not excessively. Sometimes the toothpaste doesn't want to break-up or "melt" in the mouth, and I have to give the toothpaste blob a bit of extra help to dissolve while brushing. My teeth feel clean after using this toothpaste.

The taste is pleasant. The toothpaste has a mild mint flavor. Smelling the toothpaste, there is a faint mint smell, definitely not overpowering. The scent reminds me a bit of the dentist's office.

There is nothing fancy about this toothpaste. No gimmicks or bells and whistles. There are no layered colors in the toothpaste ribbon. No shimmer effects. The packaging is plain. This is basic toothpaste that cleans teeth, which is why I chose it. My Sonicare toothbrush recommends toothpaste that does not have baking soda or whitening properties in it. I had not realized what a challenge it would be to find simple toothpaste without whitening additives. Whitening now is all the rage.


Active Ingredients: Sodium Fluoride (0.24%) (0.14% w/v Fluoride Ion -- Anticavity), Triclosan (0.30% -- Antigingivitis)

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Sorbitol, PVM/MA Copolymer, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cellulose Gum, Flavor, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Carrageenan, Sodium Saccharin, Titanium Dioxide


I bought this toothpaste on sale at my local pharmacy for $1.50 a tube. It normally retails for $2.79.


While this Colgate Total Clean Mint Toothpaste is a fine toothpaste and does a good job cleaning my teeth … I hate the way this toothpaste cakes around the cap. Even after cleaning the cap, the toothpaste clogs it again. I'm tired of wrestling with this mess. I'm going to find different toothpaste and throw this one away. I hate wasting anything, but there comes a time when I have to draw the line. This toothpaste has become a huge inconvenience.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2008 Dawn L. Stewart

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