Longest Lasting Carnauba Wax?

Nov 28, 2002 (Updated Nov 28, 2002)
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Pros:Probably the LONGEST lasting Carnauba wax and Excellent Shine.

Cons:Must remove before completely dry.

The Bottom Line: If you want the deep gloss a carnauba wax provides and the long lasting protection a polymer gives your search is over 476 is it!

I found the Collinite line of products about a year ago and must say I am EXTREMELY impressed with each one I try! I thought I was sold on the 845 Liquid Insulator, but now my favorite is the 476s.

9oz. cans seem to be the normal size, but I believe a larger one is available too.

The wax is VERY easy to work with and didn't leave any white stains on my trim. I must say though you need to do 1 section at a time and remove as soon as you have applied it to that section. Any areas left too long were much more difficult to remove. This is undoubtedly due to the high carnauba content. I would say only do 1 fender, 1 door, or half the hood at a time. And a simple sponge or terry cloth wax applicator works great. I removed my haze with a microfiber towel and found it no more difficult or easier than other products to remove (average workout).

The label calls it "Super Double Coat" and says it will last a year, but I have broke down and waxed again after about 6 months. It was still beading, but I am so used to waxing every 3 months I couldn't resist. But for those who want a long lasting wax, so you don't have to wax often this stuff is it!

I looked at going to a polymer based wax, but the application was too time consuming (2 days if done properly and cured) and expensive ($50 total when you include each component needed). With 476, once I cleaned my mini-van it took no more than an hour by hand to wax and I tend to be a perfectionist!

The resulting shine was tremendous. The van is white and 6 years old, but it looks absolutely beautiful now! I also did a friends neglected 5 year old Burgundy Saturn and I was taken back by the difference it made. I truly think this must be the longest lasting "carnauba" based wax made and they have been around since 1912!

Finding it was easily accomplished through the google.com search engine, but a local purchase probably won't happen. Online expect to pay around $15 for the 9oz. can, but a little goes a long way so this stuff lasts a long time.

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