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Great Alternative to Select Comfort or Nautilus

Dec 2, 2003 (Updated Feb 16, 2004)
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Pros:Great comfort, dual adjustable settings, great price.

Cons:none yet.

The Bottom Line: If you are tired of conventional mattresses and are considering an air mattress, this is the best option that I found and I looked at a lot of options.

I was checking into all the normal options in the air bed space due to some back problems that I have experienced over the past 15 years or so. As usual I spent a lot of time looking at most of the alternatives such as Select Comfort, Nautilus, ComfortAire and other lesser known alternatives.

Originally I was looking primarily at Select Comfort and Nautilus due to their marketing. Thanks to other reviews in Epinions I considered looking at ComfortAire. One of the main things that attracted me to ComfortAire was their price. ComfortAire obviously has a much lower marketing budget which is reflected in their price. I was able to locate only one retailer for ComfortAire within one hour of my home and that retailer had one bed in his showroom that was over ten years old(not a real strong marketer). The retailer also did not offer a 90 trial which is one of the main reasons for my consideration of an airbed since I have had a number of conventional mattresses that have caused back pain and stiffness over the years.

I read another review at Epinions that mentioned and said that they had a great price. Being skeptical by nature, I realize that you can not believe everything you read so I did some research on ComfortAire and they seemed to be a very stable company. I checked with and they were very helpful and knowledge about ComfortAire. did not push their high end mattresses but rather said that the Cerenity mattress with visco foam was their best value and that the other more expensive ComfortAire mattresses were actually less comfortable. also did not try to sell me a foundation, so I was able to use the existing box spring from the bed that my wife and I have been using for the last 5 years.

The ordering process was very easy and paying about half of the price of Select Comfort or Nautilus was a great thing. The total cost of $899 for a Eastern King since there was no shipping or tax was very nice. The shipment was delayed a couple of weeks due to the huge fires in San Diego in October 2003 since the air bladders were being shipped from San Diego to ComfortAire.

Once I received the bed it was very easy to assemble the Cerenity mattress. It took about 90 minutes to take the old mattress off the box spring, clean up the dust bunnies, and set up the new mattress, which I did by myself it was so easy. The only problem is that you need to get rid of your old mattress on your own since ComfortAire uses UPS to deliver the mattress. We are planning on donating our old conventional mattress to a charity since it is still in good shape.

The first night on the new mattress was not that comfortable for me or my wife, I think that we both had our sides of the bed set to be too soft. We have both adjusted our sides to be more firm and we have been much more comfortable ever since. ComfortAire has 3 different air pumps, I went with the middle grade IFC2001"Quiet" Pump, which is not exactly quiet but it is not loud. The noise level of the pump is not that big of a deal since once you find your setting, you do not really use it very much. The IFC2001"Quiet" Pump also does not have a digital readout, but I think that it mostly a marketing ploy, since a number is a relative thing and you don't know what you setting will be until after you have spent a few nights sleeping on the bed. The best way to use the pump is to use the "fully inflate" button on the pump and then release the amount of air needed to make you comfortable(for me it is about 3 seconds from the full setting)

I have been sleeping much better since starting to sleep on the Cerenity, partly due to the mattress and partly due to a new RX that I have been on to help with back pain.

Bottom line is that if you are looking at aired beds, you need to take a serious look at ComfortAire. If you need to actually see a bed, then go check out Select Comfort if there is not a ComfortAire retailer near you. I think that the quality between ComfortAire and Select Comfort is very similar and the price difference and longer 90 trial makes it a pretty easy choice.


I just wanted to revisit my review of the Cerenity bed. My wife and I still love the bed and I would still recommend it to anyone in the market for a new bed.

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