Cook's Rings in the New Year With Reservations

Dec 31, 2007
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Pros:Taste is agreeable; Inexpensive

Cons:Bad aftertaste

The Bottom Line: This is a very plain, very unexciting sparkling wine.

Celebrating the New Year involves many things, and many individuals have a few favorite activities that they intend partake in as a means of celebration for a year gone by and a new year waiting in the wings. One item that accompanies many celebrations is champagne. I’m not a big wine drinker, but I will partake in wine from time to time, especially if there is a special occasion taking place. One wine I just sampled for the first time is 2006 Cook’s Brut Champagne, a sparkling wine.

Basic Characteristics of This Wine:

This sparkling wine is yellowish in color. The aroma of this wine is grapefruit- like with a combination of other fruits- mostly citrus. The bubbles of this wine are very active and they keep the refreshment flowing for the entire drinking experience.

Cook’s Brut Champagne offers a taste that combines pears, sour apples, and even a touch of sweet and sour mix. The body of this champagne is medium and the taste alternates between sweet and dry.

Cook’s makes this sparkling wine as a crisp and generally drinkable champagne. The alcohol level in this wine is 11.5 percent by volume.

Final Thoughts:

Champagne is a product associated with celebrations and since I am generally not very inclined to drink wine, I don’t normally drink much champagne. For the most part, I only tip a bottle of champagne when there is a celebration taking place. Today is December 31, 2007, and this is most certainly a time to celebrate. Thus, I opened up a bottle of Cook’s Brut Champagne to celebrate the New Year with family and friends.

Cook’s Brut Champagne is a 2006 champagne and it is a semi- dry sparkling wine that many will like for its agreeable taste sensations. The flavor of this sparkling wine is generally sweet, but not quite as sweet as many expect. It alternates back and forth between sweet and dry, leaving the palate with an overall feeling of confusion, due to the uncertainty of the flavor profile.

Cook’s Brut Champagne might be easy drinking, but there are some negative aspects to this wine. The overall initial taste sensations are agreeable, but they are not necessarily very memorable. But probably the worst taste sensation with Cook’s Brut Champagne is the aftertaste. It is sour, and even reminds me of the nasty taste sensation from a bad case of morning breath. The initial taste seems okay, but the more you drink and the more you taste, the more the aftertaste influences your decision and the less you will like Cook’s Brut Champagne.

Overall, Cook’s Brut Champagne is a less than average champagne that will appeal mostly to those who want something with the “champagne” label and who want something that tastes easy-drinking and that will satisfy most anyone who takes a sample. Cook’s Brut Champagne is tolerable, but it is far from being a great- tasting champagne. The initial taste is okay, but the ending taste of sour grapes makes this a champagne that should be avoided.

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