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COORS LIGHT, Made from clean-clear-crisp-cold waters of the Rockies. It tastes like that too!

Jun 6, 2004 (Updated Sep 8, 2005)
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Pros:Crisp and refreshing.

Cons:Little taste.

The Bottom Line: This is another of those tasteless yet thirst quenching beers that is very popular with the American masses.

I remember years ago, in the mid to late sixties, when all I heard from some buddies was the word Coors. They said it was a beer that was distributed only west of the Mississippi and I had to try it. It was made from clean, crisp and cold waters of the Rocky Mountains and had an excellent taste.

These buddies had gone cross country and came home with a couple cases of Coors and their reaction to this scoop was as if they had found the Holy Grail or that elusive Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

It was to be a special happening when we broke open the cases of Coors they "smuggled in".

The age for drinking was 18 at the time so we were legal, even so we did have a bit of experience in knocking off a case or two. All I remember about the great unveiling of Coors that night was that everyone was stumbling over each other both figuratively and literally and stating that this beer, Coors Brand, was "the absolute best!"


It wasn't until years later that Coors would be sold in the East and in 1978 Coors Light was born. It was marketed as "The Silver Bullet". I really have not been able to find a definitive answer as to where or how they got the name. I do recall the silver can seeming a bit slimmer and longer than other cans at the time. I don't recall if that is real or imagined.

I did happen to grow up with the cowboy hero, the Lone Ranger, as did most the guys my age. The Lone Ranger horse was named silver and he was known for using silver bullets that came from his dead brothers silver mine. I have also rear that there was also a band called the Silver Bullets touring at the time. In any case, pun not intended, the Silver Bullet caught on and it is one of Americas most popular beers. In popping up the name Silver Bullet on Google I get Coors, a Woman's Basketball team, a paintball gun, a personal vibrator, and a host of other items, but no story about the Silver Bullet and Coors.


I prefer drinking beer out of a bottle when at a Bar-B-Q or the beach. Besides the silver cans, Coors Light comes in a brown bottle with silver label adhered to it. Besides the name, we are immediately reminded, by reading the crest on the label, that inside this bottle is "A Taste Born...High in the Rocky Mountains." The words the Silver Bullet is prominently displayed and the usual Government Warnings are printed on the side.

On the other side of the label we are told that "This beer was born and brewed in the Rockies from malted barly, choice grain and hops, then prepared and packaged in Golden, Colorado, or the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, or Shelpby County, Tennessee"


The label also states that if you have any questions write or call Coors at 1-800-642-6116. Hey maybe I'll call them right now! I want to know about the Silver Bullet name.

OK, I just got off the line with the "Horses Mouth". Contrary to some things I have read, not necessarily here on Epinions, The Silver Bullet name was not associated with Coors Light at its conception. It wasn't given that name until after 1981. Here is what the Coors Light rep, on their toll free number, just told me.

Back in 1981 Bill Coor's Daughter was married to a professor who taught somewhere in western Missouri. Word got to her, from him, that the "kids" in school were calling Coors Light the "Silver Bullet". Bill Coors got that word from his daughter and went to his marketing people who didn't think it would fly. After some thought it was tried and Mr. Coors, though it may not have been all that truthful, he was diplomatic and thanked his marketing team for coming up with the idea.

The bottle holds 12 oz 102 calories, 5.0 grams carbohydrates 0.7 grams of protein, 0.0 grams of fat. Though not mentioned on the bottle it happens to have an alcohol content of 4.2.

I just learned something else I never new before talking to the rep. Two states Oklahoma and Utah have Coors beer with an alcohol content of just 3.2 percent. There are five states that sell different alcohol content in Coors Light depending on where you purchase it. In a liquor store it would be 4.2 but if purchased from a grocery store it is 3.2

One other note I learned, though my phone call, is that the light white printed date on the back of the bottle is its "Pull Date". That means that it should be rotated off the shelves of distributors by that date so that fresher product will be available for sale. The rep told me that because they do not use any additives or preservatives the shelf life is about three and a half months.


So I twist off the cap to a tiny fizz sound. Though I generally drink from the bottle I did pour it into a clear glass for this review. The colour is a very pale yellow, very very pale. It is very clear and a huge head formed. The head had bubbles that were very uneven and, though not very quickly, did dissipate to a small bubbly ring soon thereafter.

I smelled a sweet odor, not all that pleasing to me, and then tasted it. It is a sweeter and fruitier taste than some of the other more popular mass light beers like Bud Light. I did have a good fizz to it. I like this when I am thirsty. It ended with a slightly bitter taste and then all taste was pretty much gone. My senses were not really put to the test with this beer. Though I gave some description of taste, it really doesn't have all that much at all. On a hot summers day I would reach for this as a thirst quencher much the same as I would reach for a clean clear crisp cold taste of Rocky Mountain water. Maybe they should just can the water.

As with water, I could drink this beer with most anything.

Well at least now I know where the name Silver Bullet came from.

Killian's Irish Red
Corona Light

Budweiser Beer
BUD Ice Light

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

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