Courtyard by Marriott Brookhollow

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Broken promises

Aug 30, 2007 (Updated Aug 30, 2007)
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Pros:The hotel was fairly clean

Cons:The staff made promises and failed to carry through on any of them

The Bottom Line: I would not stay at this Courtyard Marriott - the staff (at least the staff as of May 2007) cannot be trusted

We stayed in the Courtyard Marriott for a couple of days to attend a wedding. The first thing we noticed was that the door to the room did not seem to hang properly. There was a gap at the top of the door that light flowed through. But the worst part of the trip was the fact that, during the wedding, our room (and four others) were burglarized. The hotel was only about 40% occupied. In other words, only 4 of every 10 rooms were occupied. The burglars knew what rooms were occupied, and which rooms had the most stuff in them. The four rooms burglarized were the rooms in the hotel that had the most expensive items contained within them (jewelry for events surrounding the wedding, etc.).. Were these rooms randomly chosen by a quick hit group of burglars who merely got lucky? Not likely. (By the way, it took the Houston Police Department SIXTEEN HOURS to respond to the burglary call - we were told that it was a "busy night of crime" in Houston - we could get no police office to follow up on the fact that the burglars had used a stolen credit card for 59.00 worth of tacos within hours at a drive through Jack-In-The-Box in Houston with a camera mounted outside - the film tape was recorded over by the restaurant within twenty-four hours of the crime, in spite of my pleas that it be kept as evidence). The Assistant General Manager of the hotel immediately informed us that all our items would be covered by insurance, and that the hotel property would "take care of everything." The next morning, the General Manager of the hotel called in and spoke with each one of us, absolutely promising that everything would be taken care of (this in spite of the fact that corporate Marriott, in a phone conversation, hedged seriously about what would be covered by insurance). The General Manager promised things would be covered even if insurance did not come through. Of course, after months of "investigation" by the hotel's insurance company, we were informed that there would be no coverage because there was no evidence of the involvement of hotel staff in the crime - so the hotel had no responsibility for this "unfortunate incident." The General Manager, though continuing through the months to assure us that we would be taken care of no matter what insurance did, left the hotel two weeks before the final insurance decision was handed down and took a job at a resort hotel. The assistant General Manager said "sorry." This was indeed a "sorry" situation. I would not recommend that anyone stay in this particular Courtyard Marriott.

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