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Aug 28, 2006
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Pros:Cheap price; high quality crayons; kids love a fresh box.

Cons:Easily breakable; limited color choices when compared to the bigger boxes.

The Bottom Line: What kid doesn't love a fresh box of new crayons? This Crayola 24 Crayons is the perfect size for back-to-school purposes. Preferred by teachers everywhere!

Just a few weeks ago, my kids went back to school (Hurray!). So that meant lots of back-to-school shopping for basic supplies like paper, pencils, backpacks, and of course crayons. While my older two high school aged kids no longer require these staple art supplies, my 1st grader certainly does. Crayons are a school supply list must-have, so this is the time of the year to stock up. And since most teachers prefer the long trusted Crayola brand because of their high quality when compared to cheaper brands, this is what I always buy. We recently had a "tax free" weekend here in Tennessee on school supplies, so when these Crayola 24 Crayons were offered at a back-to-school special price of just 20 cents per box, I purchased several so my six year old son, Tristan, would have plenty of new crayons for first grade. Read on to find out more about a classic crayon offered in a size children of all ages can enjoy.

~~~The Crayons~~~

All Crayola brand crayons are non-toxic, including these Crayola 24 Crayons. According to product advertising: Crayola« Crayons are the classic kids' art tool. They are the colors generations have grown up with - from red, yellow, and blue to gold, copper and silver, too! Crayola« Crayons are designed with a focus on true color, smoothness, and durability. With sizes to fit every child's hand and colors to match every imagination, Crayola« Crayons are here to provide the ultimate in children's artistic expression. Along with the basic color choices are a few specially named colors like dandelion for a yellow crayon and cerulean for a blue one. Color names are now printed in three languages on each crayon and not just one. And not only is this original size available, but crayons can now be purchased in washable and erasable versions at the same time. And while fatter crayons are still sometimes used for tiny hands, these original sized crayons (a little longer than 3.5 inches in length and the width of a regular pencil) seem to still be the most popular. They come in a sharpened state all ready for coloring but only the larger boxes come with a crayon sharpener. And with this Crayola 24 Crayons size, there's enough color choices for just about any art project without having too many to choose from at the same time.

~~~Price & Availability~~~

Purchase these Crayola 24 Crayons where ever art and school supplies are sold. Regular price seems to run between $1 and $2 for this size, but purchasing at special times of the year can result in great savings. I purchased several boxes for just 20 cents each during the month of August as part of a back-to-school sale at my local Wal-Mart. Sizes of crayons available start at an 8 count box all the way up to their Big Box containing 96 crayons with every color imaginable available. Crayons can be stored in rows of 8 each inside the yellow and green cardboard box in which it is purchased. Or store them loose inside a pencil box just as my son and his classmates do at school. The outer wrappers are the same color as each crayon and feature the official color name. Most in this Crayola 24 Crayons box are basic names and colors as to get the specialty named colors, one must purchase the bigger count boxes.

~~~Product Experience~~~

Of course we all fondly remember coloring with the crayons found in this Crayola 24 Crayons box as a child and even beyond! My favorite back-to-school memories always include a fresh box of crayons. I could color for hours as a child and still like to color with my kids over the years as this mindless activity is a great way to bond as well as relieve some of the every day stressors of life. Now my 6 year old son, Tristan, uses his crayons at both home and school for numerous activities: from coloring in a store bought coloring book to drawing on his own from imagination. He often brings home school work he's completed that requires coloring or writing certain parts with different colors. The more popular colors such as the reds, blues, and greens seem to get used up the quickest. These crayons are the perfect size for small hands although using too much pressure can break them in two. But no use crying over broken crayons as these Crayola 24 Crayons are cheap enough to keep several boxes on hand.

~~~Overall Recommendation~~~

Stock up and save now before all the back-to-school sales are over as these Crayola 24 Crayons boxes are available for a steal of a price. This teacher preferred brand has been around for decades and generations of kids have learned to color with this classic art supply tool. Not only are they often located at the top of any elementary school aged child's required school supply list, but they make great stocking stuffers at Christmas time as well because this seems to be the perfect size to purchase. Of course most younger kids will end up using the crayons on the walls and other forbidden places around the house, so the washable version would be good for the preschool age group. Containing 24 bright and vivid colors, this familiar looking box is sure to be a child's favorite for years to come. Art work and other masterpieces just wouldn't be the same when cheaper versions are used instead. In conclusion, I highly recommend these Crayola 24 Crayons as a staple back-to-school supply no child's pencil box should be without. Good luck and happy coloring :-)

***For more information on these Crayola 24 Crayons as well as other similar art related materials for kids, please check out their website online at:

Or call:

Binney & Smith
A Hallmark Company
Easton, PA 18044-0431

Made in the USA

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 20 cents
Type of Toy: Arts and Crafts
Age Range of Child: Kids to Teens

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