Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers

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Our Crayola Dry Erase Markers helped start the school year off! (Toast w/o)

Sep 13, 2002
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Pros:Six colors to choose from!


The Bottom Line: My children were thrilled to have a choice of six colors to use on their white board. I've been pleased with their durablity.

With the beginning of a new school year quickly approaching a few weeks ago, my children and I headed out to our local Wal-Mart to purchase their school supplies. While wandering the isles looking for what we needed we came across the Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers. (Yes, I know how surprised you must be that we were in the isle carrying Crayola products!) Both my son and daughter were quick to remind me that our current dry erase marker was biting the dust. They were both very pleased when I tossed into the cart this package of Crayola Dry Erase Washable Board Markers, for you see, we currently had only one dry erase marker in the color of blue. When they saw that there were six colors in this package you could almost sense that they were deciding exactly what needed to be placed onto our white board when they got home!

~ Mom, these dry erase markers are so much fun! ~

Yes, I did sense correctly, because as soon as we got home and finished unloading our bags both my son and daughter decided that it was time to update the white board with a splash of color!

If you do not currently have a white board in your home, and you have children, I highly recommend that you get one. Our white board is placed on our refrigerator and we, as a family, update quite often with a variety of things such as:

~ important sporting events
~ birthday greetings
~ welcome greetings for when a family comes to visit
~ chores needed to be done
~ school projects that are in the works with deadline dates
~ drawings by my daughter (a personal favorite!)
~ grocery list and so much more!

While it may seem silly to you that this package of Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers is such a big hit in our house, we really use our white board a lot. It has become the focal point of our command center, so to speak. So just the mere fact that we have more than one color to choose from means that our white board is now more exciting to look at! Granted, a few choices of the colors included are not that incredibly exciting, but just having a choice seems to make the children in this household happy.

What exactly are the six colors that came in our Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers package? They are:

Sun Yellow
Grass Green
Sky Blue
Cherry Red
Tree Bark Brown
Coal Black

As you can see, Crayola did give each one of these dry erase markers it’s own fun name. Each one of these broad line markers is the same size as the Crayola 8-count broad line washable markers that feature classic and bold colors. (They are the thicker version as opposed to a thinner marker.) So that there will be no confusion if this set of markers gets misplaced with another set that is not dry erase, do not worry. Each marker clearly states on it that it is dry erase and that it is a washable white board marker.

I really like the tip of these Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers. They are flat on the top and then slant downwards. We are able to write with them easily using the tip, and when my children want to color (For example a balloon for the birthday greetings.) they can simply use the side tip of this marker. I almost am very impressed so far with the durability of these dry erase markers. Sometimes my daughter is not the most delicate when writing. She tends to hold the marker in her hand and really press hard on the white board. Each tip (Yes, I checked!) looks just like it did when we purchased them a few weeks ago.

As the name mentions, these are washable dry erase markers. And no, not just washable from the white board. They should wash with ease from your child’s hands or clothing. For best results washing & care information is posted on the backside of the Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers package. I can confirm with you that they do come off of my daughters hands when washed with warm soapy water.

Also stated on the backside of the packaging for these dry erase markers are helpful hints for use. Crayola suggests that for best results these dry erase markers should be used with a Crayola white board. I will tell you this; our white board is not made by Crayola. (Gasp! Can you believe it?) While it is another brand we have experienced no problems what-so-ever with the use of these dry erase markers on our board. They have performed very well. Also mentioned is that if you experience any problems in removing ink from your white board that you can wet a paper towel with water and simply wipe the board clean. Yes, this works very well and just so happens to be fun for both my son and daughter to do!

~ Yep! They help us to stay on top of things! ~

For the $3.97 I paid for this Crayola Dry Erase Washable White Board Markers package, it has been money well spent. Granted, I needed a new dry erase marker and yes any old marker would have done. But, my kids have enjoyed having those color options so I for one think why wouldn’t I want them to have fun colors to work with? It brightens up our white board on the refrigerator with the variety of colors and they have held up very well with extended use over these past few weeks. They are used in hopes of keeping us as a family more organized. So far, so good! Once again, another Crayola product has passed the test in our household!

Recommend for children ages five and up


This review has been brought you as part of the TOAST write-off hosted by the Kids and Family/Education & Health/Beauty category leads MaryTara, Sblaydes, Cntaur5 & Shantel575 in honor of the start of a new school year..

The following participants joined in; so please take a moment to check theirs reviews;

MaryTara, sblaydes (that’s me!), Shantel575, cntaur5,, chrisceb, kristinafh, pogomom , pluckyduck, mountainhigh , Donnie013 , MumMumMum, mind-full , melissasrn , vbfc , kurt_g, bops_mom, maggsmomm , cathyjones, tritter72 , bonniesayers, jillmkk , klueger , arjita

While this review is in honor of my own two children who have started off the school year very well, I would also like to honor all those, young and old, who are going back to school. This toast is for you….

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 3.97

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