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Crayola Treasure Adventures (Nintendo DS, 2007)

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Fun Coloring Game for Young Kids

Feb 13, 2008
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Pros:Good amount of coloring fun

Cons:Limited puzzles and connect the dots activities

The Bottom Line: Great if the kids like to color, but can get boring if they prefer puzzle and connect the dot type activities.

Crayola Treasure Adventure is a fun DS game that will mostly appear to young kids around ages 3 to 5, especially if they are into coloring. This game has an adventure and a coloring mode. In the adventure mode there is three different areas that there are activities. In the three areas are a jungle, an island, and a desert (modeled as Egypt). Each section has are three types of activities and three different level versions of these activities, thus nine total activities per area. The first activity is a puzzle. In the puzzle mode you just drag the pieces into the area of the puzzle they go. It is pretty easy as there are only around nine to twelve pieces per puzzle. The puzzles all form images that relate to the area, such as ship in the island level. The second activity is connect the dots. In the activity you tap on objects that are rainbow colored. You then connect the dots in number order to return the item to its normal color scheme. The third activity is coloring. In this activity you use the stylus to color the objects that are blinking. After you have colored in most of the object it returns to being a colored object and then you move on to the next blinking object until all uncolored objects are colored.

Besides adventure mode there is also a coloring mode in which you can choose from a variety of images to color. Image categories include animals, modes of transportation, and dinosaurs. Once you decide on the image to color you can choose to color with a marker or crayon. You can then choose the colors you want. The colors are organized by shades of different main colors such as orange, yellow, blue, and red. When you tap on the color crayon you want the Crayon dude on the top screen will tell you the name of the color, such as Periwinkle.

Overall this game can be a fun way for kids to color on the go (car, plane, etc.) and enjoy some different activities, such as the puzzles and connect the dots. There is not that wide of a variety of activities, though, so they could get bored if they do not enjoy coloring. The amount of coloring pages is pretty decent, though, which is why I think it can be enjoyed for at least an hour or two at a time if the kid enjoys coloring.

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Armed only with a map and crayons, players must explore the globe seeking hidden treasure. Good luck.
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